PSB Speakers

PSB Debuts New Line
July 28, 2008

We met up last wek with Paul Barton, PSB’s company founder and chief designer, in Los Angeles and New York City, where he introduced his new family of PSB speakers.

PSB Positions 7-SKU Synchrony as its New Flagship Line
July 30, 2007

Lenbrook’s PSB Speakers brand is taking the occasion of the Fall CEDIA Expo to give full demonstrations of its new, seven-model flagship loudspeaker line, the Synchrony Series. It consists of two towers, two bookshelf models, two center-channel models and a “tri-mode” surround speaker, and ranges downward in price from the Synchrony One’s $4,500-per-pair ticket. Paul Barton, PSB’s founder and design-team leader, says the line, in development for more than two years, represents its newest “statement” design. “With Synchrony, our design approach has been taken another step,” Barton says. One manifestation of this new approach is that on the Synchrony range, the entire baffle