Beyond Amazon: E-Commerce Satisfaction Leans to Avon, JC Penney
December 28, 2011

Amazon leads the pack. Netflix is in a tailspin and Best Buy has a lot of catching up to do.

ForeSee is out with its e-commerce satisfaction scores and to no one's surprise Amazon is the top dog. Netflix's scores have crashed too. But the real jostling for position is among those multichannel brands such as Avon, JC Penney and others. According to ForeSee, Avon was the No. 2 e-tailer and JC Penney was No. 3. JC Penney is worth watching given Ron Johnson, Apple's former retail chief, is now CEO. QVC

The Coming Era of the Refrigerator Wallet
November 16, 2011

If you can accept the logic for making the TV a connected payments device, you're well on your way to seeing a world full of payment possibilities.  Making a comeback on the consumer electronics scene are Internet refrigerators.

In addition to being used to post notes to the family, stream music and videos, check online calendars and download recipes from the Internet, many of these "Net Fridges" keep inventory of what is stored inside, make meal and recipe suggestions based on those contents, and help people create grocery shopping lists.

Nook Tablet Arrives Early
November 16, 2011

Barnes and Noble's Nook Tablet shipped Wednesday to customers who had preordered it, a day earlier than originally scheduled. The device is scheduled to arrive in stores Thursday.

Five Things Appliance Stores Don't Want You to Know
October 21, 2011

Fall is a great time to find a bargain on home appliances, large and small. Holiday sales are heating up, especially on ranges, cooktops and microwaves. Plus retailers have to clear out inventories to make room for the latest vacuums, coffeemakers and more. But with Black Friday looming, the make-or-break stakes mean you could be subject to pushy sales tactics or less-than-full disclosure about the particulars of your purchase. With that, here are five things appliance stores might not tell you. Extended warranties typically don't pay. If you're buying a major appliance, chances are you'll be pitched an extended

Appliances Beyond the Big Box
August 14, 2011

When it comes to shopping for appliances, it's not just about the big retail stores anymore. Online stores, independent retailers, and even QVC, the TV-shopping channel, have been among the most satisfying places to buy appliances, according to more than 16,000 Consumer Reports subscribers. The survey found that overall, 92 percent of respondents were highly satisfied buying small appliances online. And for walk-in stores, over 77 percent were highly satisfied. Abt Electronics, which is based in the Chicago area and ships nationwide, was among the top retailers for large appliances. It reaped praise from shoppers who bought one or

An Equipment Bonanza for Kitchen Geeks
December 2, 2010

Sous-vide machines, dehydrators and other equipment that used to be only for professional chefs are being targeted to the home cook. A hand-held smoker that looks like a toy pistol, a blender that heats or cools while it whizzes your soup or smoothie, professional immersion blenders, dehydrators, whipping siphons, induction burners, sous-vide machines and vacuum sealers.

As mainstream retailers such as Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma introduce tools not so long ago used by only the most adventurous professional chefs, it could be a bonanza holiday for kitchen geeks.

Amazon Leads E-Retail Survey
December 30, 2009 remains the highest-ranking retailer in terms of customer satisfaction, while both overall online retail itself and every major retailer has risen in satisfaction since last year.

Samsonic Gets Sharper Image License
September 21, 2009

Distributor Samsonic Trading Co. announced last week that it has obtained the Sharper Image's license for all camcorders and digital still cameras.

Former Circuit City CMO Goes to QVC
April 22, 2009

Another top Circuit City executive has found a new home. John Kelly, who was Circuit City's chief merchandising officer, has been named vice president of merchandising for home furnishings at QVC, where he had worked previously.

Retailers Use Texting As a New Way to Sell
February 27, 2009

The idea of e-commerce without the Internet seemed unlikely a few years ago but that thought has become less absurd as the popularity of text messaging increases.