A Broadband Experimen - DSL at Retail
February 1, 2000

by David Dritsas So far, DSL has been sold direct by service providers in most major markets, but competition with cable modem access and an identifiable need for better consumer education and better promotion is making the case for selling DSL through the retail channel. Bell Atlantic, an East Coast Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC), began selling one of 3Com's internal ADSL modems (left) last November as part of a self-installation kit at select Staples and CompUSA stores. Just recently, Bell Atlantic announced it would begin selling the service at seven Best Buy stores in the Washington, D.C. area. The kit ships with the modem, five

Comdex '99 Deconstruct the PC
December 1, 1999

By Janet Pinkerton LAS VEGAS—In years past, one could count on a tidy batch of WinTel-oriented Comdex announcements to tell you which way the PC industry was going, what to expect for the coming year, how to plan. Last month in Las Vegas, there was no such luck. The very notion of the "PC" industry was dismantled by the rise of potentially viable Internet appliances, e-mail appliances, interactive set-top boxes, handheld computing devices and web-surfing wireless phones. With this wave of innovation came the opportunity for new business models, new content, new operating systems, such as Linux and BE, and new processor options from companies such as