To E-tax or Not To E-tax…
February 1, 2000

by Jennifer Kraft Internet taxation. These two words sent shivers down the spines of e-professionals and were the topic of much debate at last month's CES. The current Internet taxation rules parallel the remote sales laws that apply to the catalog and direct-sales channels. If a company has operations set up in a state and does business with someone in that state, that company must collect sales tax from that customer. So, by law, Wyoming-based e-tailer X must assess a sales tax against Wyoming residents shopping on its site; but all other customers living outside of Wyoming do not have to pay sales

Comdex '99 Deconstruct the PC
December 1, 1999

By Janet Pinkerton LAS VEGAS—In years past, one could count on a tidy batch of WinTel-oriented Comdex announcements to tell you which way the PC industry was going, what to expect for the coming year, how to plan. Last month in Las Vegas, there was no such luck. The very notion of the "PC" industry was dismantled by the rise of potentially viable Internet appliances, e-mail appliances, interactive set-top boxes, handheld computing devices and web-surfing wireless phones. With this wave of innovation came the opportunity for new business models, new content, new operating systems, such as Linux and BE, and new processor options from companies such as