RCA Rolls Out TVs
June 17, 2011

RCA this week announced its return to the TV game, releasing several new HDTVs and other home entertainment products.

The Race to Zero 
Is Over
June 1, 2011

It's enough to make anyone who was installing in the 1990s sick – you can get a blister-pack head unit at a mega-retailer or auto parts chain for $49.99. The head unit, dammit, our old bread-and-butter. It's the centerpiece of the install and the brains behind the whole operation.

Stopping the Race to Zero has to Start Here
June 1, 2011

I recently had to dig some stuff out of my basement where I keep my car audio literature library. I bumped into a cabinet and out dropped randomly the 1998 Pioneer Car Audio Systems Catalog.

RCA Readies Mobile Digital TVs
April 12, 2011

RCA is ready to release a line of hybrid mobile DTV units this week. RCA's 3 mobile televisions will cost between $119 and $179. These devices are capable of grabbing digital television signals and mobile DTV signals at the same time.

Jerry Lawson, Inventor of Modern Game Console, Dies at 70
April 11, 2011

Gerald "Jerry" Lawson, creator of the first cartridge-based videogame console, died Saturday morning in a Mountain View, California, hospital, Wired.com has learned. Lawson was 70.

As an engineer at Fairchild Semiconductor, Lawson designed the electronics of the Fairchild Video Entertainment System, later renamed the Channel F, in 1976.

Predating the release of Atari's Video Computer System by a year, the Channel F was the first videogame machine that used interchangeable game cartridges

Target Sells Connected Blu-ray Player for $79.99
January 17, 2011

Target Corp. is selling the RCA Blu-ray Disc player (BRC11082) with BD-Live for $79.99 — the apparent floor price for connected BD players.Target showcased the player on the cover of its weekly Sunday newspaper circular. The retailer joins Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and Ralphs as national and regional chains selling connected Blu-ray players below $80

CES 2011: Xoom Tablet, Android, 3D TVs Highlights as Show Wraps Up
January 11, 2011

Much has been made of the tablet and smartphone devices announced at CES. As Cecilia Kang explained: Tablets and smartphones took the spotlight at the Consumer Electronics Show on Thursday, with Motorola, Samsung and LG showering attendees with dozens of faster and more powerful devices that will reach consumer hands this year. Motorola said the Xoom tablet, which has Flash video software and cameras for videoconferencing and regular photos, will be available in February as the first tablet running on Google's Android Honeycomb operating system. LG announced its G-Slate tablet to run on T-Mobile's network, and Research in Motion

CES 2011: Samsung Galaxy and Google's Honeycomb Tablets are Front and Center in Las Vegas
January 6, 2011

The Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing in Las Vegas, and our Cecilia Kang has the latest on what's next in tablet computing: If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Apple should be blushing at the Consumer Electronics Show this week as a flood of competing iPad-inspired tablets make their debut. The reason is simple: The iPad and other tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy have connected with consumers despite a stubborn recession pinching pocketbooks. "What the tablet has managed to do is create a new product category, and that doesn't happen all that often," said Jason

CES 2011: Morotola Xoom, Sony 3D TVs all the buzz
January 6, 2011

On Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Motorola has announced a whole range of new products from tablets to smartphones. Cecilia Kang gives the latest news on Motorola's new lineup: Motorola hit the ground running at CES, introducing a Google Android tablet, aimed directly to compete with Apple's iPad, and smart phones to run on high-speed Internet networks of the major carriers. Motorola on Wednesday introduced its Xoom tablet, with a 10-inch screen and the first to run on Google's new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system designed for tablets. It will run on Verizon Wireless