Dave Robison, CEO of DSI Distributing, Part 1
December 1, 2010

Dealerscope is resurrecting "What They're Thinking," a series of interviews/conversations with CE industry execs currently making headlines. Please feel free to offer suggestions of any industry executive that you think would generate an interest interview. Janet Pinkerton spoke to DSI's Dave Robision, who recently made news with his video in support of independent CE dealers. In this portion, Robison talks about his early days in the business and how the industry has changed. Stay tuned next Wednesday for the second half, in which Robison expresses his views on the big-box chains and the current state of the industry.

My father and I started the business 25 years ago. For the first five years I was the only employee. I was 25. Started by going door-to-door in rural Iowa with a trailer behind a pickup truck, pulling an 11-foot diamond-shaped satellite dish, offering a free overnight trial of a C-band satellite system.

I'd dig the hole by hand, mix the concrete in a wheelbarrow, dig the trench with a shovel and install the whole system start to finish.

Sears, Kmart Release Thanksgiving Offers
November 17, 2010

Sears, which already announced that it will open on Thanksgiving for the first time in its history, this week announced a series of Thanksgiving and Black Friday specials, along with corporate sibling Kmart.

New Product: Kicker Speaker-Level Signal Cable Adapter
November 16, 2010

Kicker’s Z-Series Speaker-Level Signal Cable Adapter ($14.95) is a half-meter-long, two-channel ZISL adapter that connects left and right speaker wires running from a source unit’s high-level outputs to an amplifier’s RCA inputs, using its own RCA connectors.

Sony President Misses Picture on Internet TV Strategy
November 8, 2010

A recent New York Times headline the other day caught my attention: “Sony Reaches Out for Help with TVs.”The story began by chronicling Sony’s failed attempts in the past to successfully market a web-based or Internet TV. Yoshihisa Ishida, president of Sony’s home-entertainment business group, said he thinks the company finally has a winning Internet…

Sears to start Black Friday deals this week
October 28, 2010

Black Friday? Already? You better believe it. Sears is kicking off its holiday specials tomorrow - a month ahead of the typical holiday shopping season debut, the day after Thanksgiving known as Black Friday. It will be the first of doorbuster deals the retailer will offer every Friday and Saturday until Christmas. The "Black Friday Now" specials will be offered every Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to noon through Nov. 20. Additional specials will be added the rest of the season. Sears is also offering extended layaway this year - both online and in

CEA Inducts Hall of Fame Members
October 20, 2010

The Consumer Electronics Association inducted the following 11 industry leaders, which include engineers, inventors and retailers, into its Hall of Fame:

Jerry Satoren Joins DSI Systems
September 9, 2010

DSI Systems announced Thursday, that it has hired Jerry Satoren as Senior Vice President of CE Business Development. Mr. Satoren will be responsible for vendor and dealer relationships, long term business planning and CE profitabilty.

The Future is Now: Adventures in Advertising
August 4, 2010

Can technology democratize the celebrity endorsement market?

Of the $1.1 billion advertisers pay athletes to hawk cars, burgers, and erectile-dysfunction pills every year, two-thirds of that money goes to just 75 A-list megastars, such as LeBron James, Derek Jeter, and Peyton Manning, according to SportsBusiness Journal. That leaves thousands of major league players worshipped by their fans -- even relatively big names like Jorge Posada of the New York Yankees or Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics -- scrambling for that last third of the pie.