Retail Excellence- REX Stores
August 1, 2005

How a small retailer went big, setting its eyes on the little guy Before the Wal-Mart's and Best Buy's of the world began their march across the heartland, it wasn't easy to buy the latest and greatest products, especially electronics, in rural America. Local mom-and-pop shops may have served these communities to a degree, but it was the job of the larger cities to house dealers carrying a variety of the newest electronics. If you lived far from these urban centers, you stood a good chance of driving several hours to shop for a new TV. It was this very gap that REX Stores

Change to Merchandise, Display to Sell
January 1, 2001

Commentary by Harry Elias, Executive VP and COO, JVC Company of America About 10 years ago, in my travels, I walked out of a Best Buy in Dayton, Ohio, and saw REX TV next door and Circuit City, Sun TV and Sears up the street. Five major retailers within a shopping parking lot. In Dayton, Ohio, yet! I said at the time, "There's no way it's going to work," and it didn't work. A 1983 NATM plaque on the wall of my office now reads like a tombstone. Lechmere, Luskins, Highland, Steinbergs, Brick Church, Silo, Sun TV—they are all gone. Circuit City and REX

January 1, 2001

By David Dritsas This is a busy time of year. Even without the madness of the holidays, November through January is a bustling period for the CE industry, especially for the consumer PC industry. Product introductions raining down from both COMDEX two months ago and this month's CES are all around. Here' a look at some of what's been going on. Broadband Internet access seems to be the impetus of all-things digital these days. The leaders of this are DSL and cable services, with satellite Internet transmission as a minor player. But at CES, Pegasus Broadband hopes to gain more support for satellite-based Internet services. Beginning

Comdex Fall '98 Preview
November 1, 1998

Agfa's Snapscans with Parallel, USB Connectors Agfa Desktop Products Group will take its Snapscan 1212 scanners to Comdex. The parallel-port connection model, the 1212P, carries a suggested retail price of $99. The 1212U, with USB compatibility, sells for $129. Both scanners offer resolutions of 600 x 1,200 pixels per inch and include a software bundle featuring FotoSnap, FotoLook, iPhoto Express and OCR programs. The 1212P will scan at speeds comparable to that of scanners with faster SCSI connections, despite any potential computer limitations, with the included OptiSpeed module. The 1212U requires Windows '98 and a Pentium II PC. Call (978) 658-5600 ext. 5196. Microtek