Jamie Oliver Named Samsung Olympic Ambassador
March 5, 2012

Samsung Electronics Monday announced an exclusive agreement with Jamie Oliver to be an ambassador for the 2012 Olympic Games. Samsung has been the World Wide Olympic partner for Wireless Communications Equipment since 1997, and will continue the partnership through Rio 2016. In a statement, Oliver states how exited he is to work with the company.

Pigs Beware: Roku Gets Angry Birds with New Devices
July 20, 2011

Roku is rolling out the latest generation of media streaming boxes later this month, with a new, smaller form factor and more powerful graphics at the same price point as the last generation. With the release, the company is betting big on casual games becoming available on new Roku 2 devices, including Rovio’s Angry Birds. Like its product release last year, the new generation of Roku boxes will have three distinct price points with products targeted at entry-level, intermediate and power users. The Roku 2 HD ($60), Roku 2 XD ($80) and Roku 2 XS ($100) will soon be

Amazon to Open Android App Store as Apple Sues
March 22, 2011 is entering the mobile app business with an Android app store that is scheduled to open Tuesday. The store's name has already prompted a lawsuit from Apple. The Amazon Appstore, which will be accessible at and through a mobile app, will sell applications for Android phones and tablets. It will also encroach on Google's territory by providing Android users with a new way to buy apps that cuts Google out of the equation. The store, which Amazon initially announced in January, prompted a trademark

April 2, 2007

D&M Maintains the High Ground As manufacturers continue to flood the retail market with low-cost products, sending average selling prices and margins further downstream, Vic Pacor of D&M Holdings prefers the high ground, far above the roiling waters. “There’s a terrific amount of interest in better gear and consideration for audio quality,” said Pacor, company president and COO. “We will continue delivering products with the latest technologies that cater to high-quality audio. We’re very bullish on the premium sector of the market. That’s where we live.” D&M is slated to release a raft of higher-priced products beginning this spring, picking up in July and continuing through October,

Portable Audio Takes Another Step Forward
November 1, 2004

October marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the first portable transistor radio, a milestone in personal audio which paved the way to many more handheld innovations. XM Radio's Dan Murphy, senior vice president, retail sales and distribution, believes his company is on the cusp of the next great milestone with XM2Go. the world's first portable satellite radio product. The first manufacturer to launch an XM2Go radio is Delphi, an established XM partner that has been successful with other satellite receivers like SkyFi and Roady. Delphi's product, the MyFi, is about the size of a Walkman cassette player. It includes a removable rechargeable

CES Recap- Audio Plays Big at CES
February 1, 2004

Manufacturer's Hope Is In New Technologies By David Dritsas Despite the growing market for consumer electronics overall, audio is still lagging as a category. But at this year's CES, new technologies and strengthening alliances showed they could help boost the market for the coming year. HD Radio At the forefront of this promise is HD Radio. Prior to the show, iBiquity Digital, the company behind digital radio technology, joined retailer Ultimate Electronics in launching the sale of the first consumer-ready model, a Kenwood HD Receiver for the car (model KTC-HR100 $399), at a store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. And it looks like more

Movers & Shakers
January 8, 2004

People in the industry High-profile executive Bob Perry has left Mitsubishi Digital Electronics to join LG Electronics as its vice president of sales. Perry, who has served as chairman of the Video Division of the Consumer Electronics Association, is entrusted with leading LG's sales team, accelerating the company's progress in selling premium LG-brand digital video products through high-end retailers, and in continuing momentum for the Zenith digital brand. Hal Compton retired as CEO of CompUSA Inc. Compton joined CompUSA as chief operating officer in August 1994, and has been credited with CompUSA's subsequent mid-90s turnaround. He became CEO in March 2000, following the purchase of CompUSA

CE Leaders That Rock
October 1, 2003

What makes a leader rock? Foremost, it's leadership. When Dealerscope set out to put together this issue, we asked readers and associates to nominate leaders in the consumer electronics industry whose influence and vision extend beyond the brands they promote or the stores they run. We wanted people with foresight, who inspire and motivate their employees—people with the drive to go farther and do better. We wanted executives who are as good for the CE business as the CE business is for them. Each person appearing below is just that kind of individual.The goal was to find some of the best minds

Eight Decades of Products and Innovations
October 1, 2002

Edited by David Dritsas 1920s The roaring twenties roared through the radio, as the technological developments in radio waves and electrical engineering of the late 19th and early 20th centuries came to fruition for the mass market. As the stock market soared, so did the number of radio stations broadcasting commercial programs. Crosley was the first to introduce a crystal radio set, which became the standard until companies such as RCA, Westinghouse and Zenith quickly followed with models of their own. As radio made its debut, appliances also found their way into homes. General Electric (GE) introduced some of the first electrical stoves, while

New Gear- CES Audio
February 1, 2002

While there may have been no market shaking product announcement that will change the way we think about audio in consumer electronics, what CES did offer the audio category was new models of products across the category with more features—not a bad thing. Digital audio (MP3, WMA, etc.) is working its way into everything from portable CD players to DVD players. Hard drive devices are increasing from the portable sizes up to component devices. Expect to see more this year as Imerge, a British company who makes hard disk-based audio devices, announced OEM relationships with several well known CE manufacturers such as Integra