Can Samsung Save Google TV?
February 27, 2011

ARM may be the only way for GoogleTV to get a foothold in the living room. In November, Bloomberg issued a report saying that Samsung was going to be building GoogleTVs, likely with Intel chips. That didn't make sense to me.  Samsung was developing its own high power chips that are almost as fast as the standard Intel Atom processors that are inside GoogleTVs, except they are based on the ARM architecture and are extremely low power and cheap to make.  GoogleTV is based on Android and Samsung's ARM chips have had a great deal of success in Android devices.

Roku Adds Rdio
February 24, 2011

The Rdio music service is now available on Roku, the company behind it announced Thursday.

Amazon Launches ‘Prime’ Streaming Service
February 22, 2011

Amazon Feb. 22 formally bowed a streaming service offering more than 5,000 TV shows and movies to annual subscribers. Amazon Prime Instant Video allows the online commerce behemoth’s Prime members free access to the content, which is playable on most Internet-connected devices, including Roku and TiVo. Annual membership is $79, or $1.35 per month less than Netflix’s streaming service.