Sanyo Debuts LED TV Line
April 22, 2014

Sanyo said Monday that it has debuted its new lineup of LED TVs. The TVs feature 1080p resolution.

TCL Buys Mexico Plant From Sanyo
April 10, 2014

TCL North America announced Thursday that it has purchased a North American manufacturing facility from Sanyo. The factory, based in Tijuana, can produce over 1.5 million TVs annually.

D&H to Distribute TCL's Roku TV
April 9, 2014

TCL announced Wednesday that it has formed a partnership with D&H Distributing. D&H will carry all TCL LED TVs, including the new Roku TV, starting May 1.

Reaping the Benefits of Brand Families
March 24, 2014

Differentiating accessories products on the sales floor is a brand’s biggest challenge, even if a product is an R&D masterpiece. When consumers are confronted with many me-too choices that offer similar functionality, the confusion can often end in a walkway rather than a takeaway at the checkout counter. But when they see a grouping of complementary accessories solutions under the same brand banner, presenting a unified story, they’re far more likely to buy.

Is Amazon’s Streaming/Gaming Product a Dongle?
March 18, 2014

Amazon, according to various media reports over the past several months, is working on a set-top box to rival Apple TV, the Chromecast, Roku and the rest, with some indications that it will offer gaming functionality too. One report Monday says the new device is not actually a box at all- it’s in dongle form, in the tradition of Google’s Chromecast and the new Roku Streaming Stick.

Roku takes a shot at Chromecast with new Streaming Stick
March 4, 2014

Roku's Streaming Stick, a dongle version of the popular, groundbreaking line of streaming boxes, was announced at CES. CES in 2012. The original stick hit the market that October, but never made much of an impact, and no follow-up was ever released. Until now, that is. 

The Resolution of Things to Come
February 17, 2014

The convention formerly known only as the Consumer Electronics Show has always had its share of the sacred and the silly. The officially dubbed 2014 International CES was no exception: barbecue-grille-cleaning robots, 18-carat-gold earphones, and stun gun iPhone cases. Fortunately, products representing legitimate new trends were there aplenty.

Introducing Roku TV
January 8, 2014

 Roku has been the staple of streaming enthusiasts for going on five years now. In that time, they’ve managed to offer about 1,500 sources of streaming video t0 customers. You can even stream directly from many cable companies–whether just VOD content, a selection of channels, or in the case of Time Warner, their entire lineup–without the need for an external cable box.