Integrated Systems Europe Show Amsterdam: Day 2
January 30, 2013

The Integrated Systems Europe is so much fun. It's great to get a first hand look into the European market, and it’s also a vast show in which it's easy to get lost with so many halls.

CED Fall Ball Coming Oct. 9
October 3, 2012

CED Inc. will host its annual Fall Ball Oct. 9 at Pinstripes in Northbrook, Ill. The event will feature numerous presentations and demonstrations, from such companies as LG, Toshiba, Sharp, Elite, Pioneer, Yamaha, Onkyo, Polk, Jamo, Proficient, 2GIG, RTI, URC and Digital Watchdog.

WAVE Opens New Jersey Location
September 4, 2012

WAVE Electronics said last week that it has opened a new location in Dayton, N.J., continuing its national expansion.

AVAD Adds Pro Control
February 27, 2012

AVAD announced this week that it is now carrying products from Pro Control, which was created by Remote Technologies, Inc. (RTI.) "Pro Control's focused approach to control products will provide AVAD dealers with a reliable and cost-effective set of control solutions," Jim Annes, vice president and general manager of AVAD, said as part of the…

CustomRetailer and CEDIA Webinar A Huge Success
February 9, 2012

Wednesday's joint CEDIA/CustomRetailer webinar, titled "CEDIA 2.0. Looking Forward. Moving Ahead. Increasing Your Bottom Line," was a huge success, drawing 430 registrants. The live event also drew more than 60 questions, all of which were either answered directly by a CEDIA Board or staff person or will be answered by the beginning of next week.

RTI Ships RTiDock
December 8, 2011

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) this week announced the launch of the RTiDock iPod Dock. The dock allows users to sync with iTunes over their networks.

C.E.D.'s Fall Ball Drew Over 400
October 24, 2011

C.E.D. International last week held its 12th annual Fall Ball, hosting product presentations and demonstrations at locations in Wisconsin and Illinois. The event drew over 400, with all in attendance receiving a free Android tablet.

CEDIA 2011: Audio Highlights
October 1, 2011

Most audio vendors at last month's CEDIA Expo ventured beyond their comfort zones into areas that two years ago would have been considered a stretch for them. Soundbars, wireless streaming devices and headphones—all fueled by the growth of tablets and smartphones—are now a requirement for even the highest of high-end suppliers. In other trends, on-wall,…