D&H Mid Atlantic Show Set For Nov. 5
October 21, 2014

D&H Distributing will hold its Mid-Atlantic Fall Technology Show Nov. 5 in Hershey, Pa. D&H is expecting over 1,000 attendees. 

SanDisk Launches Dual USB Drive
February 17, 2014

Although smartphones and tablets are quite versatile for everyday lives, there isn’t really an effective way to move large amounts of data on and off those mobile devices. Sure, there’s cloud storage, but moving GBs of files to your cloud and then downloading it takes a bit of time. Direct wireless connections don’t help much with PCs, and USB cables are so passe.

SanDisk's Sales Warning Morphs Into Ultrabook Worries
April 4, 2012

SanDisk's terse profit warning for its fiscal first quarter may reflect a little more than pricing issues for Flash memory. Ultrabook sales may be hampering SanDisk too, said analysts.

In a statement, SanDisk said that the company will deliver first quarter revenue of about $1.2 billion, down from its previous range of $1.3 billion to $1.35 billion. Wall Street was looking for sales of $1.34 billion and profits of 91 cents a share.

Analysts said that SanDisk's first quarter flop reflects weaker memory prices. In fact, NAND memory is the only thing that's falling

WD, SanDisk, Fox, Warner Team on Digital Movies
February 28, 2012

Western Digital and SanDisk this week teamed up with the home entertainment divisions of two Hollywood studios to launch a new effort to help consumers manage movies across multiple devices.

The USB Memory Stick Is Facing Extinction
February 15, 2012

Those tiny plastic USB memory sticks you've got on your desk or skulking in your laptop bag's pocket are soon to be relegated to the past. Innovation, and the mobile tech revolution, is to blame. Don't be sad--read why.

One of the odd questions I keep being asked about the iPad is "Where do you plug in USB stuff?" It's a sister phrase to the weird criticism oft thrust at Apple's device, "Ah, it's too limiting for me: I can't plug in USB sticks." This is weird because other makers, notably

Japanese Increasingly Opt for Foreign Phones, Reports Nikkei
February 15, 2012

Japanese cellphone makers can't catch a break- they've been focusing on the domestic market with functions like water resistance and digital wallets, but despite their best efforts they're actually losing domestic market share, reports Nikkei. According to data released Tuesday, mobile phones and PHS handsets (an Asian standard operating in the 1880-1930MHz frequency band) from Japanese manufacturers fell 11.1 percent year-over-year, sinking to 29.58 million units, while the entire market- including handsets from foreign makers- actually grew four percent. Offerings from companies like Apple, Samsung, and LG

Panasonic, SanDisk, Samsung, Others Collaborate on Flash Mermory Standard
December 20, 2011

Several consumer electronics groups have banded together to work on a new content protection technology for flash memory cards and other devices... Panasonic Corp., Samsung Electronics, SanDisk Corp., Sony Corp. and Toshiba Corp. are the five companies behind the initiative.

Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony, and Toshiba Team Up for New Flash Memory DRM Solution
December 19, 2011

Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony, and Toshiba announced today that they're teaming up to launch the "Next Generation Secure Memory Initiative," which is a new step in the DRM (digital rights management) saga. It's designed to allow users to easily (and legally) stream, download, and copy their HD content on "Android-based smartphones and tablets, TVs and Blu-ray products." This wouldn't be the first time that manufacturers built DRM into flash media - Sony's MagicGate and SanDisk's TrustedFlash come to mind - but this new effort is focused on HD video

SanDisk Debuts Memory Vault
September 21, 2011

External hard drives are the most popular method of photo and video back-up, right there with the increasingly archaic process of burning DVDs. The problem with external hard drives – like all hard drives – is that they’ll fail eventually, and quite possibly take your data with them.