Sirius Serves One Million
December 28, 2004

SIRIUS Satellite Radio announced that it has surpassed its year-end target of one million-subscribers. The company indicated that sales of its portable "Plug & Play" products, especially the SIRIUS Sportster, were contributing to the strong numbers. "We predicted that we would reach one million subscribers by year-end and we did it," says Mel Karmazin, SIRIUS CEO. "It's now clear that consumers are increasingly recognizing the appeal of our programming, including commercial-free music, plus news, weather, traffic, entertainment and the best sports offering in satellite radio." recently named SIRIUS as having the best overall programming in satellite radio. "This recognition from,

Tuning Into the Future
December 1, 2003

The state of the satellite radio industry By Brett Solomon Of all of the emerging technologies on the mobile electronics landscape, none has been more touted in 2003 than the mainstream roll-out of satellite radio. More and more aftermarket manufacturers are making units easier to sell by integrating satellite radio capabilities into lower-price-point head units and low-cost, self-contained FM-modulated units. They're also shrinking satellite radio antenna sizes. However, there are still several issues retailers and manufacturers alike need to face. For instance, will enough Americans pay to keep satellite radio afloat as a viable entertainment option in the years to come? What