Service Merchandise

Digital Photo Processing Gains Acceptance
November 1, 2000

The proliferation of digital cameras caused the photo-sharing and photo-processing Web-based services to sprout like mushrooms after the rain. The number of photo-processing self-serve kiosks at the retailers' stores has yet to catch up, but they certainly help increase the popularity of digital cameras. This is good news—it means more sales of the digital imaging products for retailers, more photo-sharing and processing choices for consumers and more partnerships between the online photo services and retailers to provide photo-processing services through kiosks and at the retailers' Web sites. For consumers, processing online includes many perks, such as free delivery, next-day processing, special offers or compatibility with

Raising the Bar, Creating Wealth
December 1, 1999

Kenny Rogers has a song, "You've got to know when to hold them, and know when to fold them," and that's one of the keys to success. It applies to hiring and firing employees, selecting new products, opening and closing store locations and buying and selling stocks in your own retirement account. All this is tied into understanding the minimum performance level or "rate of return" you want to achieve. Financial people working with businesses—public or private—call this "hurdle rate" the "cost of capital" or "discount rate." It is a "benchmark" to measure relative performance. Establishing a hurdle rate or minimum goal is a

1999 Geography of Retailing - Tampa/St. Petersburg/Sarasota
March 1, 1999

Tampa/St. Petersburg/Sarasota Entrances & Exits: Sarasota's Southgate Plaza added a number of stores ranging in interest from GNC to Home Resource. Toys-R-Us opened a new-concept store in the city and Old Navy is on its way. Service Merchandise came to Bradenton and plans to open a store in Venice. Office Depot opened new stores in Tampa and Venice and plans to open a site in Murdock in December. Gateway Computers is opening a retail store in the Gulf Gate Area of St. Petersburg and Ellentown's Prime Outlets is adding 35 new stores. A local real estate specialist is proposing additional shops in Clearwater's downtown.