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Sony Rumored to be Re-Introducing Cyber-Shot and Walkman Branding to its Mobile Phones
March 29, 2013

Back when Sony produced phones with Ericsson, it regularly rolled out hardware wearing the Cyber-shot and Walkman brand names. It produced some great phones too, including the now legendary Sony Ericsson K800, equipped with a 5-megapixel Cyber-shot camera, and the 9mm thick W890 Walkman phone with its brushed aluminum chassis.

When rumors of Sony Ericsson splitting started to circulate in 2009, so the Cyber-shot and Walkman phones started to disappear, with sources inside Sony at the time calling the decision to use the branding on Sony Ericsson hardware, "a strategic error."

Kazuo Hirai on Where He's Taking Sony
August 10, 2012

Sony had posted four years of losses when Hirai became CEO in April, taking over from Sir Howard Stringer. He talks with Bryan Gruley about developing products that move customers emotionally and why making TV sets still matters.

I'm going to start with a hard question: Are you having fun?
You know-it's been less than four months into the job. I try to get out to the field as much as possible. I spend time with the employees as much as possible, as opposed to just being in the office in Tokyo.

Ericsson Earnings Decline 63 Percent in 2d Quarter
July 18, 2012

Ericsson said Wednesday that its profit fell by 63 percent in the second quarter, as telecommunications carriers trimmed spending on equipment in the United States, Russia and China.

Net income fell to 1.2 billion Swedish kronor, or $172 million, on a 1 percent increase in sales, to 55.3 billion kronor, Ericsson said. Shares of the company, which is based in Stockholm, fell by 4.4 percent to 56.2 kronor in early trading Wednesday.

Hans Vestberg, the chief executive of Ericsson, told analysts in Stockholm that economic slowdowns in Russia and China had weighed on profits

Sony Boosts Imaging Division with $997 Million Investment in CMOS Sensor Production
June 22, 2012

With Sony's traditional businesses such as TV making heavy losses, new CEO Kaz Hirai has said that the company will prioritize stronger areas such as digital imaging in order to return to profitability. We're seeing the first fruits of that promise today, as Sony has announced plans to invest ¥80 billion (about $997 million) in its CMOS sensors. The move will increase production capacity of the new "stacked" sensors at the company's Nagasaki plant to around 60,000 wafers a month.

The stacked sensors are mostly intended for smartphones, and use a new manufacturing

Will Xperia Get Sony Out of its Mobile Rut?
June 14, 2012

Stop me if you've heard this one before: an embattled consumer electronics company is counting on its latest smartphone to vault it back onto the U.S. consumer's radar.

I could be talking about Nokia, Research in Motion, or LG. But today, it's Sony and the Xperia Ion, which AT&T will sell on June 24 for $99.99.

That you could tell the same attempted-comeback story about so many different vendors in the U.S. underscores the increasingl challenges in the smartphone arena, where there are a few haves (Apple and Samsung Electronics)

CEO Hans Vestberg on the Future of Ericsson
June 6, 2012

You don't make the decision to wind down a 130-year-old business without a little bit of angst, said Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, reflecting on his company's decision to end a joint partnership with Sony last year. But at a certain point, logic has to trump emotion.

"The whole handset business has transformed from being an extension of the network," Vestberg said Tuesday in an interview with GigaOM before a media briefing in San Francisco about the future trends that the wireless networking equipment maker is poised to exploit.

RIM Hires New Executives as it Struggles to Bounce Back
May 8, 2012

Research In Motion is bringing aboard a couple of key executive players as the company strives to win back more customers and launch its BlackBerry 10 platform.

Joining as chief operating officer is Kristian Tear, formerly an executive vice president at Sony Mobile Communications.

In his new role with RIM, Tear will be responsible for all operational aspects of handheld devices and services, including R&D, products, sales, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Tear has worked in the wireless industry for almost 25 years, according to RIM. Prior to his management position with Sony

Sales of Handset Arm Lifts Sweden's Ericsson in QI
April 25, 2012

LM Ericsson, the world-leading wireless equipment maker in terms of market share, saw its first quarter profits more than double, largely on the back of proceeds made from the sale of its stake in handset maker Sony Ericsson. The Stockholm-headquartered group posted Wednesday a net profit of 8.95 billion kronor ($1.33 billion), up from the 4.1 billion kronor earned in the same period last year. The results were heavily flattered by the 7.69 billion kronor gain it made when selling its stake in its joint venture with Sony Corp.

New CEO For Sony Mobile
April 4, 2012

Sony's new mobile division, Sony Mobile Communications, has named a CEO. Kunimasa Suzuki will take over the division that was formerly part of Sony Ericsson, in the latest step in Sony's reorganization.

Sony: Android 'Doesn't Eliminate Us from Examining Other Opportunities'
February 28, 2012

Just days after the closure of Sony's deal to buy out Ericsson from their decade-old Sony Ericsson joint venture, we've sat down with US product marketing manager Stephen Sneeden here at Mobile World Congress to discuss the phone brand's past, present, and future

By all accounts, last year's Xperia Play was well off the mark of the notion of a true "PSP phone," a dream that has haunted and eluded the gaming community for years (more on the Xperia Play in a bit). With the launch of the PS Vita, there's renewed discussion