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Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Best Buy Collaborate on 4K Promotion
August 15, 2014

Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Best Buy have come together alongside National CineMedia to launch a 4K entertainment cross-promotion. The promotion will run from August 15 to September 25 and it will feature a 30-second spot with outtakes from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which will highlight the benefits of watching films in 4K on Sony's 4K Ultra HD TVs.

Sony Presents the Premium Experience
April 23, 2014

Dealerscope: Now that you have several months under your belt as president and COO, we wanted to get a sense of your strategies for communicating your vision for Sony Electronics. How is your planning being informed by the spinoff of the TV division into a separate subsidiary and by the job cuts? And what it is that you want your dealers to know about these changes, Sony’s relationship with them, and what they have come to expect from Sony in support in every aspect of that relationship?

Redbox and Sony Deal Extension Keeps Discs Available to Rent Without Delays
August 6, 2012

Unfortunately, it's become commonplace for movie studios to make consumers wait almost two months before renting new releases from outlets like Redbox or Netflix, making a far more expensive movie purchase the only initial option. Fortunately, Redbox and Sony Pictures have worked out an extension to their existing licensing deal, which means that consumers will still be able to rent Sony movies from Redbox the same day they are released for sale. The deal, which was worked out last week as Redbox parent company Coinstar announced its quarterly earnings

Sony's Molyneux on 4K, Pricing, Retail and More
June 5, 2012

Speaking in a Q&A with reporters at the Sony Pictures studio lot Tuesday, Sony Electronics president and COO Phil Molyneux touted the company's new 4K products, and also touched on such topics as the company's recent CEO change, its Sony Store retail plans, its new pricing regime and more. 

Sony Said to Pay Cinemas for 3D Glasses for ‘Men in Black’ Film
May 25, 2012

Sony Corp., retreating from a fight with major U.S. cinemas, is footing the bill for 3-D glasses ahead of today's opening of the film "Men in Black 3," a person with knowledge of the situation said.

The payments by Culver City, California-based Sony Pictures don't resolve the issue of who will pay in the future, said the person, who declined to comment publicly on the matter.

"Without affecting consumer access to our upcoming 3-D pictures, we continue discussing this matter with the exhibition community while working towards a long-term solution

Amazon Rolls Out “Never Before on DVD” Store
May 24, 2012

Amazon has just launched their Never Before on DVD, a new online video store which will feature films and television series which are making their way to the DVD format for the first time. Accessible via Amazon's "Movies and TV" homepage, the Never Before on DVD store expands Amazon's current selection of titles and enables Amazon to add more classics coming from the vault of Disney, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Warner Bros., Home Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox. According to Amazon, the store will enable you to easily browse

Google's Entertainment Strategy is in Disarray
March 13, 2012

Google Music no longer exists as a standalone service. Google TV was an embarrassment. YouTube may lose music videos next year. Sources say not everybody at YouTube and Android is pulling in the same direction.

Google can't seem to get the hang of selling music and movies over the Internet--a goal that has similarly befuddled Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, and others.

Google TV was dead on arrival. YouTube's video-rental service is at best an also-ran, and that service also faces a possible exodus of major record labels to rival Facebook sometime next year

Can the Smurfs Help UltraViolet Kill Off the DVD?
December 5, 2011

Hollywood continues to try to lay the foundation for UltraViolet, the technology that studio managers hope will replace the DVD.

Sony Pictures on Friday issued Blu-ray versions of "The Smurfs" and "Friends With Benefits" and also provided disc buyers with access to UV copies of the films. The studio will do the same with the release of the revenge flick "Columbiana" on December 20.

In addition, Variety, a film industry trade publication, is reporting that Sony Pictures will release a UV version of the Brad Pitt hit movie "Moneyball" on January 10. Universal