Sony Retail Stores

A Visit to Sony and Comcast's New Retail Store
March 18, 2009

The tallest building in Philadelphia is now host to a one-of-a-kind Sony Style store, a brand new, two-brand partnership with cable giant Comcast called "Sony Style Comcast Labs."

Sony Launches VAIO Support in More Stores
June 28, 2007

Sony Electronics earlier this week announced the expansion of a special in-store support service for VAIO PC owners at four of its Sony Style retail outlets. The service, called Backstage, had previously been available at Sony Style locations in Atlanta, San Diego, and Scottsdale, Ari., and has now been expanded to four stores in the New York area- with more to come. The Backstage locations will provide technical and customer support, as well as tutorials. They will also provide paid services, including data migration, system boosts, and memory upgrades. This week, Backstage opened at Sony’s Madison Ave. store in Manhattan, as well

Sony To Focus on Bundled Retail Solutions, New TVs Not Just for Wal-Mart/Target
June 14, 2007

Sony executives said the company will work with its dealers throughout the year to create specially-priced bundled packages based on high-definition technologies. The manufacturer will also partner with dealers to create new marketing strategies to sell those packages, all in an attempt to create greater product attachment rates. During a wide-ranging interview yesterday at Sony’s New York City headquarters, the executives also said Sony’s new M series line of high-definition LCD TVs will not be sold exclusively through Wal-Mart and Target stores and will be available around July or August to the general retail channel. The line, based on 720p and featuring a limited

DS0307 Retail 101 Legends
March 1, 2007

Merchandise Codes: ATV-M Electronics/appliance stores (multi-regional) ATV-R Electronics/appliance stores (regional) EO Electronics only DG Drug store DS Department store HO Office supply store MM Mass merchant PC Computer retailer PX Military exchanges SOF Software store TOY Toy store WC Warehouse club Channel Codes: Web Internet sales +Web Selling via Internet in addition to physical storefronts MO Mail-order/catalog sales +MO/Web Selling via mail-order and Internet, in addition to physical storefronts TV Television sales No channel code implies state via physical storefronts only. All are Dealerscope estimates. Sales estimates represent U.S. and Canada consumer sales. All store counts represent U.S. and Canada locations. See methodology note, opposite page. Top Retailers: Online/Catalogue 1. Dell 2. CDW 3. 4. Gateway 5. Systemax/Tiger Direct 6.

Sony, Riding High in CE-Category Dollar, Volume Share, Talks Strategy
February 27, 2007

Stan Glasgow, Sony Electronics president/COO, took the occasion of the company’s New York-held semi-annual executive media roundtable, which preceded its yearly Las Vegas-held line show, to tout what he called the positive participation of his division in Sony’s growth and changes – manifested by NPD’s citation of the brand’s Number One position for Calendar Year 2006 in 11 consumer electronics categories in dollar and unit volume. At the same time, he spoke of future strategies designed to combat “the challenge of how to maintain the strength of the Sony brand” in a U.S. marketplace where, he said, “TV pricing will continue to erode at

You Know What Could Be Girlier? Your Camera Strap.
September 11, 2006

In response to the increased demand, perceived or real, for camera bling, Sony is launching a promotional campaign in which consumers who buy a Cybershot DSC-T30 or DSC-T9 camera will receive a free TRAY 6 CameraCatch, which is essentially a gemmed-out camera strap. The bracelet-sized strap, supported by sterling silver and steel wire, will still hold on to your camera, it’ll just do it in Clear Crystal Briolette or Heart-Shaped Marble style. The offer is valid at Sony Style stores and online at You can purchase a CameraCatch individually at

5th Avenue Appeal: Nokia Sells $86,000 Phone (As Well as the Basic Clamshell) at New Store in NY
September 8, 2006

Take a quick stroll along Manhattan’s most famous shopping blocks this weekend and you’ll see: this ain’t your Mama’s 5th’s gone tech. CE Manufacturers are showcasing their most premium products in highly-designed new retail operations in the same block span as Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, and Bergdorf Goodman. Last May, Apple opened a one-of-a-kind retail slash tourist site right at the Southeast corner of Central Park, across from the Plaza Hotel. Tomorrow, Nokia follows suit, opening it’s fifth retail outlet in the world, the Nokia Store at 5th Ave and 57th Street, just a block away from both Apple and the Madison Avenue SonyStyle

Sony Announces New Pocket-Sized Communicator
August 9, 2006

Sony took their first step into handheld WiFi Wednesday with the unveiling of the mylo, a “personal communicator” that works off of 802.11b networks. The device, whose moniker abbreviates “my life online,” is specially designed for functions that take advantage of a wireless network such as instant messaging, VoIP and Internet browsing. It comes preloaded with Google Talk, Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. It also uses an embedded HTML browser (instead of WAP) to optimize Web site display. All of this comes without a monthly charge. The drawback to not being on a service is relying on available WiFi to get a

Sony Wants More Control, Online and In-Store, over Product Presentation
August 4, 2006

The Sony Club, high atop the company’s Madison Avenue New York headquarters, is a wood-paneled penthouse with wide windows that offer sweeping views of one of the world’s business capitals. The place is corporately posh, reminiscent of the 80’s and early 90’s, an era when Sony was leading the analog marketplace, delivering CRT’s and Walkman’s to an American public which was increasingly comfortable trusting a Japanese brand for everything from blank media to the first camcorders. “As much as we miss them, those days are over,” says Jay Vandenbree, President of Sony’s Consumer Sales Company, who sat in the Sony Club this week

Contacts: Retailers Selling CE with a Twist of Innovation
August 3, 2006

Anthony DeDomenico, Manager, SonyStyle Store, Madison Avenue, New York, NY The serpentine path through kiosks in Manhattan’s SonyStyle store leads back from the Madison Avenue entrance to the Oz of a shopper’s journey, a Starbuck’s counter. The always-bustling Starbucks store-within-a-store kept heat-weary customers supplied with iced coffee this week, and once fortified, they lingered by hands-on displays of Sony products, from Vaio laptops and Playstation consoles to Walkman Phones and XBR flatpanels. “We’ve learned that if they can’t touch it, they lose interest,” says store manager Anthony DeDomenico. “We keep things interactive here. People just hang out.” DeDomenico, who migrated to Sony after years