Stereo Fans Flock to Union Station for Competition
July 16, 2012

While coffee can enliven one's senses first thing in the morning, it doesn't quite have the punch of hearing "Put On" by Young Jeezy at 139.7 decibels.

Comparable to the intensity of a jet engine squeal at 100 feet, that's how loud Tyler Sanko, Ringtown, cranked his stereo in an effort to make an impression Sunday morning at The 12 Volt Thunder Sound Off & Car Show in the parking lot of Union Station, Pottsville.

The pressure of the bass made Sanko's bright yellow Chevy Cobalt shake

Gearing Up for Selling Season
April 1, 1998

The mobile electronics industry is looking for some relief from wet weather and lagging sales and is hoping to open the market to cabin-fever purchases of booming car stereo systems during the promo season. Most product previewed on the CES show floor is just beginning to hit retailers' floors and much of it will be showcased in Fuse '98, the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association's first consumer show, June 19-21 in Atlantic City, NJ. As Clarion pretty much has all the bases covered--autosound, navigation, security and multimedia--with its Windows CE-driven AutoPC, other manufacturers concentrate on pumping out more powerful and feature-ladden autosound products at lower