Galaxy Gear S Headed to Major Carriers
September 25, 2014

Last month, Samsung unveiled the Tizen-based Gear S smartwatch, which was also showcased at the IFA 2014 in Berlin. Samsung announced the Gear S will hit all major US carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. AT&T even mentioned customers interested in the Gear S can check it out at 125 retail locations across the US starting September 26th. T-Mobile also mentioned the SIM-enabled smartwatch will go on sale sometime in October.


Apple iPhone 6 pre-order Starts Friday
September 12, 2014

Just to remind everyone who’s eyeing to get the new iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus on September 19, preorders for Apple’s latest iPhone has just been opened. You can place your order from Apple,Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile. Be quick, though, because I’m pretty sure  stock will quickly run out. As of this writing, all three U.S. carriers have opened up their preorder sites while all Apple Store are still down [Ed. I just ordered mine through the Apple Store app. The website continues to be down.]

Sony, Sprint Bringing Xperia Z3 to U.S.
September 1, 2014

For reasons that are really beyond our comprehension, Sony has never been able to appeal to America’s big four wireless carriers. With the worthy exception of T-Mobile, which was itself a little late to pick up the Xperia Z and Z1, the major networks inexplicably and stubbornly ignored Xperia devices over and over again, refusing to crack under the public pressures of innovation-savvy consumers.


Walmart Permanently Drops iPhone 5C, 5S Prices
June 30, 2014

Walmart has significantly reduced the price of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, starting today. According to a new report from CNET, the retailer slashed the price of the iPhone 5s to $99, while the iPhone 5c now comes with a $29 price tag. It’s worth noting that these prices require customers to sign a two-year contract with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.

High-Res Audio Rules at CE Week
June 25, 2014

The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing combined to present a “High-Resolution Audio Experience” as part of CE Week NYC on Tuesday evening, June 24. Two floors of the Jungle City Studios were packed with press and vendors for the listening event, which showcased equipment, high-res recordings and the people who create both.

T-Mobile Merger Could Mean End of Sprint
June 17, 2014

If Sprint's merger with T-Mobile goes through, not only will T-Mobile's John Legere take over as CEO, but the combined company would drop the Sprint name, according to a CNBC report.