Pipeline News
February 1, 2001

NARDA Independent Retailer Goes Online NARDA is now offering back issue articles of NARDA Independent Retailer on its Web site. The site will offer articles, including management articles, dealer profiles and advice columns, as far back as 1996. At NARDA's Web site, www.narda.com, members have access to the articles, as well as new features, such as a tutorial "How to Diagnose and Solve Financial Problems" and forms and policies dealers need to help manage their businesses, which include job descriptions and employee education. PC Sales Drop in 2000 A January report from PC Data showed a 24 percent drop in desktop computer

Convergence is Hell
December 1, 2000

The electronics industry cranks out new digital products with the promise that they can work together in some capacity and make our lives more exciting. Merchandising these convergence products, however, can be an expensive hassle, one that is frustrating the retail ranks, with the possible exception of the national chains. The national chains, capable of leveraging sizeable internal and vendor resources, face a different challenge: how to execute and maintain a convergence merchandising effort over hundreds of store locations. The challenge is basic. Digital technology can create wonderful experiences, how can retail present those experiences to customers—to demonstrate what happens when you