Google, Softcard Team to Take on Apple Pay
February 24, 2015

Google has reached a deal with the mobile carrier-backed mobile payments startup Softcard in order make Google Wallet available on Android phones, in a bid to compete with Apple's Apple Pay.

T-Mobile, Samsung Tease Metal Galaxy S6
February 23, 2015

Samsung's "next big thing" is almost here, and T-Mobile is already signing up customers. The carrier's new teaser site all but confirms the Galaxy S6 (with an image and "six appeal" slogan), promising more news on March 1.

Carriers give up on mobile payments, sell Softcard tech to Google
February 23, 2015

It looks like the US cellular carriers are bowing out of the mobile payments war. Google just announced it has struck a deal with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to purchase "some exciting technology and intellectual property" from Softcard, the carriers' mobile payments initiative. The three carriers have also agreed to preinstall Google Wallet on their Android phones.

Sprint guarantees $200 trade-in credit to T-Mobile customers
January 23, 2015

Between now and April 9, T-Mobile subscribers can walk into a Sprint store and immediately receive at least $200 in credit for any working smartphone if they switch to Sprint's network, the company announced Friday. Sprint has fired a shot over competitor T-Mobile's bow.

Google May Buy Softcard
January 19, 2015

Google is reportedly looking to buy a competitor to Apple Pay- the one that until recently was known as "Isis.