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Pop-up Shop
January 1, 2006

The Wired Store, New York City By Audrey Gray In the realm of brick-and-mortar, traditional retailers spent the holidays offering faithful customers instant gratification with plenty of merchandise, sales and extended operating hours. But a clever rogue had a romp through this holiday season too, buzzing through Soho in the form of a completely temporary retail space for cutting-edge consumer electronics, some not even on the market yet, called The Wired Store. Sponsored by Wired magazine, the Condé Nast monthly known for its amped up coverage of technology and pop culture, along with over fifty of its advertisers, The Wired Store was open

Case Study- Man Your Playstations
December 1, 2005

How one toy retailer is holding its own against major discounters By Audrey Gray As a manager in the Texas oil and gas industry for thirty years, Ron Kerr was a man well acquainted with booms and busts. So when his employer suddenly downsized in November of 2004, Kerr took it philosophically. "I was one of the people who was just paid too much." Buffered by a decent severance package, Kerr spent his first few months of unemployment researching the American business climate, trying to decide where to venture next. He became intrigued by trends in retail. "I started thinking that someday

Guerrilla Retailing Life in the Fast Lane
March 1, 2005

Like Superman, business today has become faster than a speeding bullet. In their book, It's Not the BIG That Eat the SMALL, It's the FAST That Eat the SLOW (Harper Business), Jason Jennings and Laurence Haughton identify the traits of seven of the world's fastest-growing companies. The underlying theme in the book is how to use speed as a competitive tool in business. The book appears to have been a textbook for Wal-Mart's success during the past holiday season. Jennings and Haughton identified a formula for success that includes fast thinking, fast decisions, getting to market faster and sustaining speed. The

Geography of Retailing Inside the Pacific Northwest
March 1, 2005

The Pacific Northwest—Washington, Oregon and Alaska—is just about as far from everything else as one can get in the United States. Just ask the Seattle Mariners baseball team, which likely logs more road trip miles per year (50,000 by one published estimate) than any other team in the major leagues. There's quite a bit of wilderness in the Northwest—and quite a bit of new construction. The region is a hotbed of custom installation and tech-savvy consumers. It's a great area for CE as well as appliances, and it's served quite well by numerous national and regional chains, as well as a healthy contingent of

Tapping the Teen Tech Buyer
February 1, 2005

You'd be hard pressed to find a demographic group that is not at least a casual user of CE products. But despite consumer electronics popularity with all types, resellers of CE products still need to understand how their customers are different, and how these differences can affect sales and marketing strategies. In this month's column, we focus on one of the more important CE consumer groups today—the American teenager. In many respects, teens can be called technology trendsetters. They seek out innovation; and more so than other groups, teens are more willing to adopt new technologies. The level to which teens integrate technology