Sharp Offers No Annual Forecast After Quake
April 27, 2011

Flat TV and solar cell maker Sharp Corp and electronics maker TDK on Wednesday joined a growing list of Japanese firms not giving profit forecasts for this business year as Japan's triple disaster disrupts parts supplies and dampens consumer sentiment.

Settlement Eats Up Imation Profit
July 23, 2009

Imation Corp. Thursday reported a $57.6 million loss for the most recent quarter, which was largely due to a $49 million settlement due to the company's settlement with Philips.

Jennifer Przewoznik
June 1, 2008

Director, Program Management ADI Age: 33 Education: B.S., International Marketing, American University, Washington, D.C. Career History: Przewoznik started in the industry at TDK Electronics, working in the purchasing department and moving onto product development and then to product management. In 2005, she joined ADI’s strategic marketing department, where she was immediately thrust into the job of creating the company’s five-year strategic plan. She is now director of program management, focusing on the A/V and CE space. One of the programs she is involved in is CRAVE—the Custom Residential Audio Video Expert program, which helps to add value to the dealer experience by providing marketing

Format Wars
October 1, 2007

The iTunes effect is undeniable in the world of blank media products. As of July, Apple reported more than three billion music files have been downloaded from iTunes, making it the third largest music retailer in the world, surpassing even Amazon. As more consumers turn to digital music sites like iTunes to purchase audio and video, blank media sales may become a bit more precarious. On one hand, CD-Rs and DVD-Rs have become excellent products for backing up digital music libraries. On the other, encouraging digital consumers to revisit a disc format they have given up in favor of digital audio is challenging for

Imation Announces TDK Mini-Blu-ray Disc
August 6, 2007

Another day, another new recordable Blu-ray disc. Imation Corp. said Friday that it will release a new 8cm mini-rerecordable Blu-ray Disc, under the “TDK Life on Record” brand. The discs will hold 7.5 GB of data, as well as ability to store 60 minutes of high-definition video. The discs, when they arrive in September, will be available in version that cost $24.99 and $34.99. Compatible with the just-announced Hitachi DZ-BD70A and DZ-BD7HA Blu-ray camcorders, the discs will compete with a similar product, also announced Friday, from rival Verbatim. Imation bought most of the TDK brand in April for $300 million,