Texas Instruments

Google Glass Returning, With Intel Technology
December 1, 2014

Despite talk in recent months that Google's Google Glass project was falling out of favor with the company, a new version of the product will arrive in 2015- with a chip from Intel.

Texas Instruments Wants LCDs Out of Cars
January 10, 2013

The LCD touch screen has become commonplace in cars, but the technology suffers from limited shaping. Texas Instruments used its Digital Light Processor (DLP) technology to come up with a display that could take a wide variety of shapes in the car, and allow touch control for people wearing gloves. In its exhibition area at CES 2013, Texas Instruments had a car dashboard mounted on a stand to show off the concept. A very large screen followed the curves of the dashboard down the center stack, capable of showing car functions

Tech Beat: A Touch of Smartphone Technology Transforms the Car Dashboard
October 2, 2012

The day may be coming when the entire center console in a car is one giant touchscreen. Texas Instruments is hoping to make it happen through a digital light processing (DLP) chip.

People might not recognize a DLP chip, but they have probably seen it in action. With up to eight million tiny adjustable mirrors on each chip, they can be found inside the vast majority of digital projectors in movie theaters. Smaller versions are what have started powering many of the new portable projectors hitting shelves.

Texas Instruments Admits Defeat, Moves Focus Away from Smartphone Processors
September 26, 2012

Chipmaker Texas Instruments (TI) has announced a major shift in its business strategy, moving away from consumer electronics devices such as smartphones and tablets and towards embedded applications such as computer systems in cars. Speaking at an investor meeting on Tuesday, VP for embedded processing Greg Delagi described the consumer electronics market as "less attractive as we go forward," according to a report from Reuters. The announcement comes as TI's OMAP platform continues to lose ground to rivals such as Qualcomm and Nvidia. While OMAP processors are still used in some high-profile devices

Apple Already Increasing US Production Efforts, Report Says
July 19, 2012

A number of US suppliers are already seeing increased business from Apple, according to sources for AppleInsider. One person in the industry notes that chipmakers like Avago and Texas Instruments have been increasing US production during the past year because of orders from "a large personal electronics manufacturer" that continues to find record-breaking sales. Because they're afraid to single out Apple by name, the person explains that some people in the industry like to joke about growing orders from an unnamed "fruit vendor."

Intel CEO: 20 Windows 8 Tablets Being Designed
July 17, 2012

Intel chief executive Paul Otellini said today that 20 Windows 8 tablets are being designed by computer makers for launch later this year when Microsoft unveils its new operating system.

To date, strong sales of Apple's iPad have actually hurt Intel's sales of PC-related chips, since the Apple tablets and most others use low-power ARM-based chips. But Intel has designed a line of low-power Atom chips using its x86 microprocessor architecture. The system-on-chip Atom solution is an attempt to deliver high performance worth of a computer with the low-power