Home Theater Update - Audio Rides the Digital Hype
April 1, 1999

By Jamie Latshaw The digital push and excitement that began with television has trickled expectedly into other aspects of home theater systems, as consumers realize the only way to achieve cinema-like surround sound is to incorporate digital decoding into their systems. "Most consumers are starting to understand that, in general, any [digital product] gives you better quality than the previous one, which was analog," Yamaha's National Director of Marketing Tom Graham said. And just as this level of understanding is reached, the pricing on Dolby Digital, DTS receivers is hitting a more mainstream price point. "In the last year or two, Dolby Digital and DTS technology has been

Show Report - HiFi Looks Ahead to HDTV
July 1, 1998

By Jamie Latshaw LOS ANGELES--Hi-Fi '98 churned out the new, the weird and the wacky in the audio and video world. New product announcements focused mostly around improving CD quality sound, since DVD-audio is far from a reality, and enhancing picture quality for analog TV while offering future HD compatibility. And, of course, there were super high-priced speakers. Many A/V vendors, such as Sharp, Zenith, Pioneer, Runco, AmPro, Faroudja and Vidikron, showed high definition or HD-compatible systems previously seen.. In addition to showing its HD-compatible FD Trinitron Wega TV, Sony debuted two new Videoscope XBR rear-screen projection televisions, shipping this fall, a 53-inch model ($4,999) and a 61-inch

Product Spotlight - Audio
February 1, 1998

AIWA Mini Line Expands by 4 AIWA expanded its Mini Theater line to include four new systems with Dolby Pro Logic, five speakers and more power. The top-of-the-line model, NSX-MT960, with 389 watts of output power, offers a five-disc CD changer, an electronic graphic equalizer with four factory presets and four user presets and Dolby B noise reduction. The system will retail in May for $700. Other lower priced SKUs include a three-disc changer instead of five and won't offer the Dolby B noise reduction. Call (201) 512-3600. Technics DTS Decoder Intro Technics introduced its first Digital Theater System (DTS) and Dolby Digital decoder, model SH-AC500D ($399.95