Integra Debuts Four New Receivers
June 13, 2011

Integra this week announced four upgrades to its THX-Certified home theater receivers. The new products are the DTR-20.3, DTR-30.3, DTR-40.3 and DTR-50.3.

Onkyo Debuts HT-RC Receivers
April 4, 2011

Onkyo on Monday announced the forthcoming of two new HT-RC receiver models. The new models, the HT-RC370 and HT-RC360, replace the HT-RC270 and HT-RC260.

Talking Tech (and More) With the Brains Behind Panasonic's TVs
March 6, 2011

Never say Panasonic isn't ambitious: when we convene for the last of our three days on the ground in Japan, the head of its TV business unit is straight out of the traps with the statement that the company's goal is to be Number One in the worldwide flatscreen market. Brave talk indeed: according to the latest sales figures, for the final quarter of last year, Panasonic ranks a relatively distant fourth worldwide, with a market share of just 8.3%. Ahead of it, LG on 12.7%, Sony (14.2%) and runaway market leader Samsung, with a hefty 21.4%

Panasonic 2011 HDTV Prices Leaked
February 4, 2011

Thanks to a well-placed source we’ve got the industry’s first 2011 TV pricing and availability. Panasonic’s 2011 line totals 30 models of plasma, LED LCD and LCD televisions.

The 2011 Panasonic plasmas offer new performance levels, styling, features and screen sizes. Plasma now offers three multiple-model 3D series, with the two top lines (VT30 and GT30 respectively) including THX 2D and 3D certification, sleeker style, improved black levels, faster phosphors brighter images and higher energy efficiency. They replace the 2010 VT25/VT20 and GT25 lines.

High-Tech Electronics Dressed Up to Look Old
December 22, 2010

This has been a great year for the next new electronic thing. The iPad, new iPhone, the Nexus S, HTC Evo and other Android phones, the Kindle 3 and Microsofts Kinect caught the eye of consumers. But some people prefer their next new thing to look like an old thing. So whats the appeal of the latest electronics wrapped in a retro design, like full-size jukeboxes that are really $4,000 iPod docks and manual typewriters reconfigured to work as U.S.B. keyboards?

THX 3D Certification Earns CES Honor
November 12, 2010

THX’s 3D display certification, which uses 400 tests to determine the quality of 3DTVs, has been honored with an International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award, the company said. The consumer electronics award has been handed out by a Consumer Electronics Show panel of designers, engineers and journalists since 1976, and is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association. “THX has introduced the world’s first and only 3D performance benchmark,” said Rick Dean, SVP at THX. “The complexity of 3D technology poses a real challenge for display manufacturers to achieve consistent picture quality.

JVC 3D Projectors Get THX Certification
November 10, 2010

JVC announced Tuesday that its 3D home theater projectors are the first of their kind of receive THX certification. The four projectors, introduced at CEDIA Expo in September, will arrive later this month.

The Hottest in HDTV: The Specs that Matter, the Hype that Doesn't, and What's Ahead for HDTV
October 27, 2010

HDTVs are big, shiny, slim, and sexy--everything people love in their electronics. But when it's time to buy a new TV, finding the right one isn't easy. Should you go with plasma or LCD? What's an LED TV? Do you need 3D support? What's the big deal about refresh rates? To make things easier for you, we've tested, evaluated, and ranked 15 of the top new TVs currently on the market