Audio Associates’ “Ticket to Success” Confab Draws 300 Dealers
April 16, 2007

For Ron Meyerowitz, principal of South Plainfield, N.J.-based custom installer-oriented rep firm/distributor Audio Associates, his “Ticket to Success” Dealer Expo was a big success of its own. The two-day buying fair, which attracted 300 of his clients, provided “a way to give my dealers good input, training, breakfast, lunch and dinner and a happy hour,” he said. Audio Associates’ expo, the fourth annual edition, was held at Newark Airport’s Sheraton on April 10 and 11. It capped the company’s recent move into a new 20,000-square-foot facility from its former location in Piscataway, N.J. Besides combining both his distribution and rep businesses under one roof,

Sales Slowing, But By How Much?
October 1, 2006

The fourth quarter holiday selling season is upon us. What’s in store? Wild ride? A crash? Or just another frenetic three months of selling before everybody heads to Las Vegas for CES? In a Summer 2006 Retail Sales Outlook written for the National Retail Federation (NRF), Rosalind Wells of Wells & Associates reported U.S. retail sales averaged 7.8 percent retail sales growth in the first quarter, followed by an estimated 7.0 percent in the second quarter. Citing a “slow-down in progress,” NRF expects retail sales rates to “moderate for the balance of the year” and track at a 6.0 percent increase for

Jeff Stone Leaves Tweeter for Tivoli
March 16, 2005

Tweeter Home Entertainment Group announced Jeffrey Stone, the company's president and CEO, will be leaving to become president and CEO of Tivoli Audio, a consumer electronics manufacturer (makers of the Henry Kloss Model One radio) in which Tweeter owns a 25 percent equity stake. "I have loved leading this company over the past 15 years," Stone says. " I feel very fortunate to have been at the helm during a period of tremendous growth for Tweeter and want to thank all Tweeter associates, past and present, for their many contributions." Tweeter's board of directors has named Joe McGuire, the company's CFO, to serve as

Lost in Transmission
September 1, 2004

HD Radio gets a boost in support, but can it make it big in the coming year? For many years terrestrial radio, on its own merit, has been a bit of an after thought when it comes to new products. There are some exceptions—the Tivoli Model One and Bose Wave Radio, to name two—and satellite radio has taken center stage lately. Radio simply has not been an exciting category. But all that could change with HD Radio, a digital method of broadcasting better quality AM/FM signals that has the FCC stamp of approval. It has gotten quite a bit of press over the

New Products
July 1, 2004

Products in the Pipeline Microwaves That Play Well With Others Consumers clearly love kitchen appliances, both large and small. But many people suffer from the unfortunate afflictions of small kitchens and limited counter space. The large footprint of traditional standalone microwave ovens in particular often dominates many countertops. But what if the microwave wasn't such a selfish spacehog? The leading manufacturers of microwaves are coming up with new ideas for space-saving integrated products that combine the microwave with one, two or more additional appliance functions. Here are some of the latest. LG Combination Coffee Maker and Microwave Oven. Available now for MSRPs of $149

CES Recap- Audio Plays Big at CES
February 1, 2004

Manufacturer's Hope Is In New Technologies By David Dritsas Despite the growing market for consumer electronics overall, audio is still lagging as a category. But at this year's CES, new technologies and strengthening alliances showed they could help boost the market for the coming year. HD Radio At the forefront of this promise is HD Radio. Prior to the show, iBiquity Digital, the company behind digital radio technology, joined retailer Ultimate Electronics in launching the sale of the first consumer-ready model, a Kenwood HD Receiver for the car (model KTC-HR100 $399), at a store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. And it looks like more

Products in the Pipeline
November 1, 2002

MINOLTA-QMS Magicolor 2300 DL color laser printer. Available now for $799 SRP. Minolta's 2300 DL is the company's smallest and most inexpensive color laser printer to date. The 2300 DL includes TCP/IP, USB and parallel connectivity, 2,400x600 print resolution and maximum print speeds of 4 ppm for color and 16 ppm for black and white. Compatible with most Windows operating systems, the 2300 DL is suitable for home or office use, taking up 14x19.7 inches of space. It stands 15 inches high and weighs 55 pounds. Call (800) 523-2696 or visit www.minolta-qms.com. Toshiba Cinema Series 57HLX82. Available now for $8,999.99 SRP.

Pas de Deux
January 1, 2002

The partnership of Henry Kloss and Tom DeVesto By David Dritsas We hear about partnerships all of the time in this industry. Everyday it seems that one company is forming a "strategic relationship" with another. Cultivating them is not only an effective way to improve business, but also sometimes the only way to stay alive. Even so, partnerships are not easy to start or maintain. Egos and opinions can often get in the way. Such could have been the case with Tom DeVesto and Henry Kloss. One is a shrewd entrepreneur, the other is an audio/video engineering pioneer; each very different from the

New Gear
September 1, 2001

Products in the Pipeline NAD T 571 DVD/CD Player, $799 SRP, available in 2002 through distributors. Selling points: The NAD T 571 holds up to 5 DVDs or CDs. It offers progressive scan video output, HDCD decoding, 24 bit/96kHz DACs on the analog output and MP3 playback on CD-R or CD-RW. The player supports Dolby Digital and Pro Logic, but an external decoder is needed for DTS . Call (800) 263-4641 or visit www.NADelectronics.com. Sharp XV-Z9000U DLP Front Projector, $10,995.95 SRP, shipping direct to SharpVision dealers. Selling points: This is the first high-definition, 16:9 aspect ratio, single-panel DLP front projector for the

Tivoli Audio Expands
July 23, 2001

By David Dritsas At a press event in New York last week, Tivoli Audio, the small company that introduced itself to the industry last year with the introduction of the Model One Radio designed by audio legend Henry Kloss, expanded its line beyond just one product. It has also started a new brand, Tivoli Design, that will cater to higher end a/v stores, such as Tweeter stores, and custom installers. Last year's introduction of the Model One Table Top radio was met with success, according to Tivoli CEO Tom DeVesto. Although he would not comment on specific sales figures, DeVesto said, "This is the largest selling