Best of 2000 at CES
February 1, 2001

LAS VEGAS—Dealerscope and E-Gear's Best of 2000 awards reception, held January 6, the opening night of the 2001 International CES, featured cold beer, good blues and an impressive awards roster. A multimedia presentation sponsored by Forbes Magazine honored five Dealerscope Hall of Fame inductees (including the first two retailers in the Hall of Fame's 10-year history), four retail Dealerscope Pride Awards and the innovative, designated winners of the Dealerscope Editors' Choice and E-Gear All-Star Awards. Tired feet and busy schedules notwithstanding, we had a blast. Eric Schwartz, vice president and group publisher of Dealerscope and sister consumer magazine E-Gear, chats with Tom DeVesto

Audio's Dedicated Servant
January 1, 2001

By David Dritsas Henry Kloss is a tinkerer. Call the man what you want—a pioneer, legend, inventor or genius—and he's been called it already many times over. The reason why he is where is can be understood by looking at his work bench, or desk, or work area. It's hard to tell what it is really because it's covered with circuit boards, metering devices and anything one might need to dissect an electronic device, to get to the heart of it, and find out what makes it work. Even in retirement, Kloss is still working, not because he is taking a company public,