TomTom Watches Add Nike+ Functionality
March 9, 2015

TomTom's GPS Sport Watches are now compatible with the  Nike+ Running App, the watches' exclusive North American distributor, WYNIT, said.

Watching Watches Get Smarter
January 15, 2014

Hyped for years, wearable technology is finally emerging from its gestational geek stage. But it’s not in the form of multi-pocketed wired jackets or creepy glasses; wearable computing has arrived and will keep on coming in the form of smart watches.

TomTom Launches New Watch
April 23, 2013

TomTom has launched a new range of GPS watches to deliver at-a-glance performance information for runners, cyclists and swimmers. The new, ultra-slim TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport GPS sport watches feature an extra-large display, full-screen graphical training tools, and one-button control

TomTom Powering In-Dash Navigation for Fiat, Debuts on Fiat 500L
March 7, 2013

TomTom has announced that it will be powering the next in-dash navigation solution for Fiat, with the quirky Fiat 500L being the first car to get the new navigation solution.

Announced at the Geneva Motor Show, TomTom will be incorporated into the 5-inch Uconnect system in Fiats. The Uconnect system has been built by Continental, but is powered by Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive, opening the door to third-party software.

When entering the navigation section drivers will be presented with the familiar TomTom user interface and benefit from features such as IQ Routes

Apple Seeking 'Advice' from TomTom on How to Fix its Point-of-Interest Woes with Maps
November 27, 2012

In a report today about Apple firing Maps manager Richard Williamson over the poor launch of its Maps app, it was also noted that it was looking for ways to improve its point-of-interest data. Specifically, it is looking to 'outside mapping experts' and mapping company TomTom NV to help it refine that data.

Apple's POI data in Maps is one of the major complaints that users have had with the service. The data was provided largely by Apple partner Yelp, and has displayed many inaccuracies that have led to improper directions being given

TomTom Navigation Finally Arrives on Android, But Lacks Compatibility with Popular Devices
October 4, 2012

TomTom's popular offline navigation apps have finally made their way over to Android, right on schedule. The apps have a similar feature set to their iOS counterparts, although lack the recently-added FourSquare integration. If that doesn't bother you, you'll still get all the essential features, including spoken turn-by-turn directions in multiple languages, speed camera notifications, "HD Traffic" routing, and "lifetime" map updates (TomTom says four or more per year).

There are multiple prices depending on the amount of map coverage you need.

TomTom Announces HD Traffic Upgrade, BMW Partnership
August 31, 2012

TomTom is announcing HD Traffic 6.0, an upgrade to its live traffic service that's reportedly 90 percent better at identifying roadworks and 65 percent better at spotting closed roads. At the same time, the company's teaming up with BMW to offer GoLive device integration with selected 1, 3, X1 and X3-series vehicles.

TomTom Gets Social, Adds Foursquare to iPhone Nav App
August 21, 2012

Standalone GPS navigation makers continue to face the battle against smartphones and location based service apps. At least one of them is embracing the change: TomTom first added support for Facebook Places and now it includes Foursquare, making it easier to get directions and check-in.

Ever hear of So-Lo-Mo, or social-local-mobile? If not, you will as it's a growing trend and navigation company TomTom is embracing it. The company released a new version of its TomTom App for iPhone on Tuesday that includes full Foursquare support. This follows the prior app update

TomTom Offers up iPhone, Android Hands-Free Car Kits
July 31, 2012

TomTom has offered up two new hands-free car kits, one for the iPhone and the other for Android smartphones. The iPhone version integrates the 30-pin adapter, while the Android version includes a microUSB charging cable to allowing it to accommodate a wide range of devices. TomTom says it has built-in a noise and echo cancellation function over a 2-watt speaker to boost call clarity when driving.

The Android version has been designed to be flexible in the way it holds devices so a specific model is not necessary, whereas the iPhone