TV Executives on 4K UHD & OLED
July 23, 2014

In the second part of our vendor round table (Part 1 appears in the July print edition of Dealerscope), major TV suppliers discuss how dealers can best couch 4K, and give their views on the OLED category’s present and future potential.

Great Expectations For 4K
July 16, 2014

DEALERSCOPE: What are your predictions for sales of Ultra HD 4K TVs for 2014, for the market as a whole, and for your brand in the market? Will the category reach mainstream by the end of the year—and how do you define “mainstream?”

Crunching the 4K Numbers at CE Week
June 24, 2014

The “Your Next TV” Conference presentations at 2014 CE Week in New York City Tuesday focused on all aspects of the Ultra HD TV scenario – including on where sales volume numbers will land, once Q4 is said and done. Vendors, too, had their say about where the market is headed – and there was also some commentary from the retail side about whether 4K yet resonates in a big way with TV buyers – and what combination of efforts can help to make the mainstream market more receptive.

Dealerscope Talks To: John Shalam
May 7, 2014

John Shalam, VOXX International Corp. chairman and a 2014 CEA Digital Patriot Award honoree, started his company in 1965 and built it into a domestic and international marketer of 30 brands of consumer electronics in the speaker, mobile electronics and multimedia, vehicle security and mobile video systems and accessories categories. NASDAQ-listed, VOXX had sales of $835 million in 2013. Here, he looks back – and ahead, at the future of consumer electronics.

Dealerscope: So much has changed in our industry in the 49 years since you started your company. Looking back, if you had to pinpoint some turning points for you over that time period, what were they – and how did they affect your business?

Toshiba Intros 4K Laptop, New Back-to-School Line
April 15, 2014

Toshiba will release multiple permutations in June of an entirely new Satellite line of clamshell-style laptops – as well introducing the industry’s first consumer-oriented 4K laptop computer.The Satellite P55t 4K laptop boasts an aluminum chassis and 3890-by-2160 native resolution, said Carrie Cowan, product manager for Toshiba’s Digital Products Division, who unveiled it along with the…

Samsung, Vizio Pulling Away in Smart TV Market
March 12, 2014

Time was when numerous companies carried a lot of weight as first-tier TV manufacturers for the U.S. market– names like Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Sony, Sharp, Philips and RCA were perennial big-time players in a highly competitive industry.