With Sights Dead Set on the Living Room, Google Debuts A Streaming Media Device
June 27, 2012

The battle for your living room rages on. Touting consoles, boxes and premium content delivery services, companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon continue to jockey for digital supremacy.

And now Google has fired a cannonball.

The company unveiled the "Nexus Q" media device at its I/O developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, a $300 black orb-shaped amplifier capable of wirelessly streaming music and playing video to connected devices, with the specific locus situated inside the home.

Google Announces Android @ Home Framework for Home Automation
May 10, 2011

Want more Android in your house? How about Android in your house. Google wants to think of "every appliance in your home" as a potential accessory for your phone. The opportunities are seemingly endless, the sort of thing we've seen in the Zigbee and Z-wave areas, but sadly this implementation doesn't actually seem to be using any of those standards. The team teased ideas like lights turning on and off based on calendar events, applications talking to washing machines, games automatically adjusting for mood lighting, and basically little green dudes taking care of all the menial duties in

CE 2003 Year in Review
December 1, 2003

Has 2003 been an improvement over 2002? What are the biggest technology trends and how is the market dealing with them? What will people want in 2004? These are just some of the questions we face every time we close the book on one year and open it for another. We took those questions to leaders in the consumer electronics industry and offer you their insights. What was your biggest-selling product category? Frank Sadowski, vice president of consumer electronics merchandising, Amazon.com Digital Cameras. The products continue to improve in technology and offer great value to consumers. Marty Goldberg, president, Lenmar In 2003, Lenmar

New Products
November 1, 2003

Products in the pipeline Edited by David Dritsas Audiovox CDM-8600. Available now for $99 SRP with two-year contract and after $50 rebate. The color clamshell handset is Verizon Wireless-branded with dual displays, Web access, two-way SMS, voice-activated dialing and vibration alert. Weighing 3.2 oz., the pocket-size tri-mode is design-conscious. It also comes equipped with GPS location positioning technology and Get It Now menu online service for ordering ring tones, downloading news, text and games. Call (631) 233-3300 or visit www.audiovox.com. Hitachi Home-1 LCD projector. Available now for $1,799 SRP. Features include a 854x480 resolution, 800:1 contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio, operating noise

CTIA Wrap-Up
March 21, 2003

By Natalie Hope McDonald "Twenty years ago, the FCC awarded the first commercial cellular license, sparking the revolution we call wireless communications," said Tom Wheeler, president and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA). "Throughout these 20 years, hearty competition has spurred innovation and propelled wireless forward at a breakneck pace. Today, wireless customers enjoy low prices, extensive choices, and an endless variety of new voice and data services." This year's participants of CTIA's show used New Orleans as the stomping ground to demonstrate a "more is more" philosophy as the definition of wireless broadened to take into account IT, mobile and