Self-Awareness through Wearables
February 17, 2014

While the 2014 CES had everything from 3D printing to dancing drones, it was wearable technology and mobile health that brought practical innovation. There were devices that could monitor sleep patterns, and even stylish bracelets to track sun exposure.

Like it or Not, Retail is a Social Game
February 12, 2014

To many, a social media site like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube is just another place for businesses to spend precious advertising and marketing resources. But it doesn’t cost a cent to launch a Facebook page or Twitter account. The primary resource necessary to promote via these platforms is time.

Social media presents the opportunity to connect with customers in ways traditional media tactics can’t provide. Unfortunately, many companies use social media as simply an extension of their one-way communication, pushing out their messages as monologue marketing. But social media allows for conversations, relationships and interactive dialogues with customers. Through these platforms, you can further develop lasting relationships and build trust.

Sony's Vita Slim is Coming to U.S. This Spring
February 11, 2014

At the end of January, we learned the Vita slim would be coming to Europe on February 7, 2014. Welp, Europe already has it, but there’s no sign of the Vita slim here. Don’t fret. It’s on it’s way. It just isn’t ready yet. I can say that with confidence as the official PlayStation Twitter account says it is so. The Vita slim announcement for North America is coming.

Watching Watches Get Smarter
January 15, 2014

Hyped for years, wearable technology is finally emerging from its gestational geek stage. But it’s not in the form of multi-pocketed wired jackets or creepy glasses; wearable computing has arrived and will keep on coming in the form of smart watches.

h.h. gregg Completes Omni-Channel Strategy
November 27, 2013

h.h. gregg has rolled out its first mobile e-commerce platform - the final piece of an evolving omni-channel strategy - to leverage holiday shopping sales.

Going the Extra Yard
November 1, 2013

The run-up to February’s Super Bowl (the “Big Game,” in the parlance of retailers, who are not allowed use the NFL’s copyrighted name) is the ideal sticky marketing period. For one thing, unlike Christmas, it’s non-denominational. For another, despite earlier starts to Black Friday every year, the fall and winter months of football season still offer independent dealers of CE and peripherals the longest stretch of time by far to promote assorted aspirational products - besides big-screen TVs – that yield decent margins. It also affords dealers large and small the chance to leverage their communities’ love of the sport on a local level, through promotions involving local high school and college team programs.

CEDIA to Offer HDMI 2.0 Training
September 5, 2013

CEDIA announced Thursday that the upcoming CEDIA Expo will include training in the recently-announced HDMI 2.0 specification.