Sony Presents the Premium Experience
April 23, 2014

Dealerscope: Now that you have several months under your belt as president and COO, we wanted to get a sense of your strategies for communicating your vision for Sony Electronics. How is your planning being informed by the spinoff of the TV division into a separate subsidiary and by the job cuts? And what it is that you want your dealers to know about these changes, Sony’s relationship with them, and what they have come to expect from Sony in support in every aspect of that relationship?

How To Sell Windows 8 Laptops
November 3, 2013

For all the braying about the explosive growth in the tablet market--and the drop in PCsales--the personal computer is not dead, at least not yet. There are plenty of shoppers who still need a PC and are considering a Windows machine. You just need to know how to reach them.

Sony Vaio Tablet Gets Pricing
October 15, 2013

Good news, Windows 8 fans seeking both productivity and elegance, as Sony has finally detailed pricing and availability for the recently unveiled Vaio Tap 11.

Sony’s Fall Video, Audio Intros Center on 4K, Hi-Res Audio
September 4, 2013

Sony is leading its marketing charge into the fall selling season with numerous video and audio introductions that adhere to the “play, watch, listen, create” themes which president and COO Phil Molyneux said define the company’s product ecosystem.

Sony Debuts New Vaio Laptops
May 8, 2013

Sony is giving the Vaio a new face and a lower price point with its new entry-level line of laptops, Fit. Both Fit and Fit E models are designed to appeal to consumers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a laptop, but still want quality.

Finding Money in Tablets
May 8, 2013

Tablets are on fire. CEA statistics show exponential growth in a variety of brands and prices, with no sign of abatement. U.S. unit shipments leapt from 32 million in 2011 to 80 million last year and are expected to nearly double again this year. The numbers are mind-blowing, but unfortunately they’re attached to products with very little margin.

So if you’re an independent dealer, what is it that makes tablets worth carrying?

Winning With Windows 8
January 10, 2013

How do you solve a problem like Windows 8?

A major advertising and marketing campaign for a major software release—from the major computer software company in the world, no less—receives little more than a lackluster response from consumers and businesses. So while retailers should approach Windows 8 and its associated hardware with caution, they may still eke out some gains by offering systems that have been specifically designed for the new operating system.

Unlike some previously disastrous introductions, such as Windows Vista and Windows Millennium Edition, there are no glaring flaws in the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. Users haven’t been plagued by hardware compatibility issues as they have in the past, or faced with major software upgrades to make programs work with the new OS. And cost hasn’t been an obstacle. Microsoft offers an upgrade version of the software for just $40.

Sony Takes Different Angle with Vaio Tap 20, Duo 11 Windows 8 PCs
October 11, 2012

With just about every other PC manufacturer unveiling their Windows 8 devices over the past few weeks, you knew it was only a matter of time before Sony got in on the action, too.

Today, the company took the wraps off its Vaio line for fall, which includes Sony's first hybrid Ultrabook and tabletop PC.

The Sony Vaio Tap 20 is probably one of the most exciting Windows 8 products I've seen yet, and to be amped up over an all-in-one PC is saying something.

Kazuo Hirai on Where He's Taking Sony
August 10, 2012

Sony had posted four years of losses when Hirai became CEO in April, taking over from Sir Howard Stringer. He talks with Bryan Gruley about developing products that move customers emotionally and why making TV sets still matters.

I'm going to start with a hard question: Are you having fun?
You know-it's been less than four months into the job. I try to get out to the field as much as possible. I spend time with the employees as much as possible, as opposed to just being in the office in Tokyo.