Valve Pledges to Enter Videogame Console Wars With "Steam Box"
January 9, 2013

Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell is grabbing big headlines at this year’s CES — without even trying. The former Microsoft exec turned gaming entrepreneur didn’t rent out a hotel ballroom  or hire Big Bird or Maroon 5  to get the press’s attention. In...

Nintendo Talks Future 3DS Upgrade Possibilities
March 21, 2011

What will your Nintendo 3DS be able to do in the future? Nintendo has given us a glimpse of what its device may do — and what it probably won’t. The Kyoto gamemaker is gearing up to launch Nintendo 3DS, a portable game machine with a glasses-free 3-D display, in the United States on March 27. Although 3DS sports a variety of built-in features like a 3-D camera and augmented-reality minigames, out of the box it lacks some features we would call basic — a downloadable games store, for example, and

Intel Debuts Lightning Fast Sandy Bridge Chips
January 6, 2011

Intel gave an exciting demonstration of its new Sandy Bridge chips at CES 2011, and presented compelling evidence to back up its claim that Sandy Bridge will be the cornerstone of computing for years to come.

Windows 8 May Focus Heavily on Gaming to Recover Lost Share
December 27, 2010

Microsoft's Windows 8 could have a much stronger focus on gaming, a slip alleged today. The developer is said making gaming not just important but a "key component for the whole OS." What that would entail wasn't given to the TechRadar source.

The company has made periodic attempts to improve gaming in Windows, starting with DirectX in Windows 95 and including more recent additions like the Games section in Vista and 7. However, the company doesn't have a simplified gaming app store