The World According to LG
August 1, 2004

LG is setting its sights on the U.S. market By David Dritsas It's easy being LG in Korea. You can see the brand name everywhere. But when it comes to the U.S. market, most consumers are unaware of the brand, with the exception of perhaps wireless phones. Now the electronics division of the conglomerate is making a huge effort to change that perception and become a big player in the U.S. market, hoping to rival its larger competitors. It's not like the company hasn't been in the U.S. In November of 1999, Zenith became a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Electronics, giving it a good foot-hold in

Becoming A Global Leader
December 1, 2003

LG Invests and Invents to Capture Domestic and International Markets It's only been a short time since consumers in the U.S. started seeing the LG brand in products like mobile phones and large appliances. The response has been very positive, and now LG is positioned to make major pushes not only into the product categories in where already participates, but also into a broader range of consumer electronics, including plasma and LCD displays and HDTV set-top boxes. This fall, to demonstrate its commitment to the U.S. market, LG hosted several tours of its South Korea manufacturing and administration headquarters. On two separate tours,

Mastering the Digital Media Control Center
March 1, 2003

By Gary Arlen President As the home digital storage and distribution server — more commonly known as the "media center" — moves from high-end home theaters into the mass market, look for a high-profile feud about what the boxes can do, and who will decide how they do it. You saw signs of this brewing battle at CEDIA and to a much greater degree at CES, where all of the powerful forces gathered — electronics makers, computer companies, software and entertainment programmers, plus cable TV operators, satellite and telephone companies. Each of these groups expects to have a role — preferably a dominant one

Connections - Beating Sales Disasters Before They Happen
January 1, 2003

By Gary Arlen President Arlen Communications Inc. At the Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA) Fall Industry Forum, I tried a stunt to start a session, called "The Rebound of the Wireless Industry," that I moderated. Before the first panelist could utter a word, I looked into the audience and asked, "Any questions?" Not surprisingly, the startled audience didn't know what to say, so I called on "the man in the blue sweater along the aisle." I knew he was John Shalam, chairman and CEO of Audiovox. This time I enhanced my question: "What would you like this panel to say about how to revive the mobile phone

The Drive for Success
May 1, 2002

Car Toys' rise and expansion into a western retail juggernaut By David Dritsas Dan Brettler, Chairman & CEO of Car Toys, Inc, is sitting on top of one of the most successful regional retail chains in recent history. Car Toys stretches to 54 stores as far north as Washington state and as far south as Texas—a business built solely on mobile electronics, without the backing of traditional home audio/video products. But Brettler is no car audio enthusiast-turned-retailer. This man's hobby is his business. Brettler began his career selling hi-fi part-time in high school and also in college. In 1981 he moved to Seattle, getting

New Gear
April 1, 2002

Imaging Products in the Pipeline... Epson Bluetooth Print Adapter. Available now for $129 SRP through distribution. This new adapter enables users to wirelessly print from various Bluetooth-enabled portable devices, such as PDAs, desktop and laptop PCs and possibly, in the future, wireless phones. The adapter is compatible with select Epson printers—five in all—and connects to the printer's parallel port. Other Epson printer models with parallel ports are also supported using Microsoft Windows Uni/Mini printer drivers. Call (800) GO-EPSON or visit Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P71. Available now for $400 SRP. One of Sony's newest P-series Cyber-shot digital cameras, the DSC-P71 is a 3.2-megapixel

Audiovox Joins Pocket PC
October 8, 2001

Audiovox Joins Pocket PC By David Dritsas Audiovox Communications Corporation introduced the Maestro, the companies first Pocket PC PDA that is based on the new Microsoft version of PDA software, Pocket PC 2002. It will be the first in a line of Pocket PCs that the company will offer, but it is being offered to consumers in a unique sales scheme. Instead of being sold through normal PDA retail channels, Audiovox will market the Maestro through wireless carriers, such as Verizon and sold through the respective carriers' retail partners. The PDA will be offered as a bundle to the Audiovox CDM-9100 wireless handset. When connected to an

Legal Update on Mobile Phone Usage
October 1, 2001

Bluetooth options and pending talking-while-driving bans support the hands-free sale By Collin Keefe This past June the New York State Assembly approved a bill that will ban motorists from using handheld cell phones while driving. Forty other states across the country have proposed similar bills in the past year, and various municipalities have either enacted or proposed legislation restricting or outright outlawing drivers from using cell phones behind the wheel. Of the 115 million cell phone users in the United States, an estimated 85 percent use them in their cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that between 20 and 30 percent

5/01 Editorial Index
May 1, 2001

Company Web Site Page# AirPrime 16 Alpine 22,23 Apple 10 AT&T Wireless 16 Audiovox 16 Avanti 27,28 Belkin Components 20 Blaupunkt 22 Casio 24 Cingular Wireless 16 Compaq 10 CMC Magnetics Corp. 23 Danby 27 eBrain Market Research 8 Epson 6 Ericsson 16 Essential Reality 20 Faroudja 12 Good Technology 23 Hewlett Packard 3,6,10 Handspring 16,23 I-Jam 23 InterAct Accessories 20 Iomega 23 Infinity Products 22 JBL 22 JVC 23,26 Kessel 23 Kenwood 12,23 Kicker 22 Kinyo 20 Kodak 23 Konica 23 Konka 26 Kyocera Wireless Corp 16 LG Electronics 27 LG InfoComm USA 16 MCC/Verbatim 10 Mad Catz 20 Maxell 10 Memorex 10 Microsoft 18 Mitsubishi Wireless Communications 16 Motorola 16 my-Vox 23 NEC America 16 Nextel 16 Nintendo 18 Nokia 16 Palm Computing 23 Panasonic 10,16,24,26 Philips 10,26 Pioneer 6,22 Polaroid 23 Ricoh 10 Royal 23 Sampo 23 Samsung 16,23,26,27 Sega 18 Sendo 16 Sharp Electronics 27 Siemens 16 Sirius Satellite Radio 6 SonicBlue 23 Sony 18,24 Soundcrafters 22 Sprint PCS 16 Sub-Zero 27 TDK 10 Telemania 24 Thomson Multimedia 3,6,10,26 Thrustmaster 20 Toshiba 26 Uniden 24 Verizon