Would We Actually Shop at a VR Walmart Store?
August 25, 2018 at 8:34 pm

As Walmart explores a virtual reality showroom, Dealerscope editors consider whether they'd ever shop in a VR version of the store, and other aspects of the VR market.

Game On, Amazon! eBay Rolls Out One-Hour Delivery, Targeting The Web And Wal-Mart
May 7, 2013

Picture this anxiety-provoking scenario: you're at an all-day conference, sweating bullets as you prep for a presentation in an hour's time. But you packed in haste and left your laptop charger at home. Your battery capacity is perilously close to zero. You don't have time to dash to Best Buy and you wouldn't dare ask a fellow presenter for a favor lest you show your hand.

eBay knows its customers (including you, the disheveled executive) and has been quietly working on a solution for this thoroughly modern conundrum.