Warner Bros.

Netflix To Offer Streaming Content In Canada
July 19, 2010

Netflix July 19 said it would bow movie and television programming streaming into Canada beginning this fall, marking the Los Gatos, Calif.-based online DVD rental pioneer’s first foray (streaming only) outside the United States. Netflix has been entertaining plans to launch its streaming service abroad, a move many observers believed would be in England. The launch in Canada would coincide with the store-based departure of Movie Gallery, which recently shuttered more than 177 locations in the country.

Redbox Amends Suit
December 6, 2009

Redbox, the operator of movie-rental kiosks locked in a battle with three movie studios, has expanded its lawsuit to include three major retailers.

Redbox May Add Games
December 3, 2009

Redbox, the company whose inexpensive movie retail kiosks have given Hollywood fits, is looking at expanding its footprint into givdeo games.

Build a Band and Rock the Universe
November 11, 2009

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, the LEGO Group, Harmonix and MTV Games, have partnered to launch “Build a Band and Rock the Universe”

YouTube Eyeing Movie Rentals
September 4, 2009

YouTube is negotiating with several Hollywood studios over selling or renting movies through its site, according to multiple media reports this week.

Warner Accepting HD DVD Trade-Ins
April 23, 2009

Warner Bros., the Hollywood studio that effectively ended the Blu-ray/HD DVD format war when it went from dual-format to Blu-ray-exclusive in early 2008, has launched a new program to help make it up to frustrated adopters of the losing format.

Warner Bros. Opens Archive For On-Demand
March 24, 2009

Warner Bros. announced a unique offer this week- the studio has opened up its vault in order to eventually make nearly 7,000 classic films available for on-demand DVDs.

With Push Coming, Blu-ray Prices Set to Drop
November 10, 2008

Will this be the holiday season when the Blu-ray Disc format finally breaks through into the mainstream? If both electronics manufacturers and Hollywood studios have anything to say about it, it will.

Report: Sony Paid Warners’ $400 Million For Blu-ray Move
February 22, 2008

The pivotal decision that led to the end of the hi-def DVD format war was the result of an auction between rivals Sony and Toshiba in which both formats sought to buy the exclusive partnership of Warner Home Video- and Sony won by paying around $400 million. That’s according to a piece published earlier this week in the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper; while sources supplied the paper with the $400 million figure, neither Sony nor Warners’ would confirm it. In what a Toshiba executive described as the last straw, Warners’ took Blu-ray’s side in early January. After retailers Best Buy, Netflix

After The Format War: What Happens Now
February 19, 2008

With Toshiba announcing Tuesday morning the official end of its format war with Sony’s Blu-ray Disc, the post-war market will soon begin to set itself. What happens next? A few things likely to occur in the coming weeks: - Paramount/DreamWorks and Universal, the movie studios exclusively backing HD DVD, would be released from their commitment and be free to sign on to release Blu-ray movies, the Wall Street Journal reported. Warner Bros., which flipped to Blu-ray in January, is required to sell HD DVD movies through May, but would likely be released from that deal as well. - Now that Blu-ray is