Warrantech Corporation

Closing The Skeptical Customer
June 1, 2008

Maximizing a product sale nowadays means attaching an extended service plan, which is often challenging in this age of the penny-conscious, Internet-educated consumer. Sales associates need to be prepared with the right customer-qualifying gambits, all the necessary background information to answer questions simply and accurately, and a logical defense strategy to fend off arguments against spending a little extra now to avoid spending a lot more later. Some of the industry’s key executives spoke to us about how to perfect the art of the warranty sale. Tune in for Part II next month. What are the best strategies retail salespeople can use

Warrantech Has Agreement With Friendly Computers
May 19, 2008

Warrantech Corp. announced Friday that it has reached an agreement with Computer Renaissance, an affiliate of Friendly Computers, to provide extended service coverage at the chain’s 130 stores. Friendly Computers is a provider of on-site computer services. “The Friendly Computers and Computer Renaissance agreement demonstrates Warrantech’s commitment to working together with our retailers to develop a program best suited to their customer base,” Warrantech’s CEO, Joel San Antonio, said in the company’s announcement. For more information on the company and its clients visit www.warrantech.com

Adding Value to Appliances
May 1, 2008

The housing market slowdown has taken a big bite out of the home appliance sector. To prevent additional erosion, extended service plan providers are helping dealers wring the most profit from each transaction. “The retailer has to have some incentive, from a pay perspective, for the plan,” said Sean Hicks, president of Warrantech. “If retailers don’t make it important at that level, sales personnel are not going to pitch it. Paying a commission, and paying a very good commission, is important.” Robert Rosenthal, RepairTech’s national sales manager, has a similar philosophy about driving revenue and profit. “In sales, a financial reward is always

Strength In Numbers
May 1, 2008

Joining a buying group to improve a dealer’s competitive edge against big-box retailers is nothing new. But it is a relatively new strategy that’s gaining popularity for mobile electronics (ME) retailers. The model for buying groups serving CE retailers never quite worked for ME dealers. After all, there are vehicle-specific specialty lines, distributors that stock a variety of products and manufacturer reps pounding the pavement and pitching just about every product line under the sun to every dealer with a storefront. One of the biggest problems, according to industry players, is that it was difficult for buying groups to provide the

Warrantech, BrandsMart Renew Deal
March 26, 2008

The discount electronics and appliances retailer BrandsMart has agreed to extend its relationship Warrentech Corp. for an additional five years, the companies announced Tuesday. The two companies have already been in business since 1990. ““When a company as respected as BrandsMart USA chooses to partner with you for more than two decades, it says something about your own organization as well,” Joel San Antonio, Warrentech’s CEO, said as part of the announcement. “ “It not only says you provide significant value to your partners and their customers, it also says you’re a leader that’s equally committed to excellence in your own right.” BrandsMart

Warrentech Joins NARDA
June 8, 2007

The North American Retail Dealers’ Association announced this week that the Warrentech Corp. has joined the group as an allied member. “NARDA looks forward to having Warrentech Corp. as an active member of the association. Having another leading company in this field as a member and resource will be good for NARDA’s retail members,” NARDA president and CEO Tom Drake said in a statement.

In Car Experts Signs with Warrantech
May 31, 2007

Warrantech, a provider of service contracts and after-market warranties, signed a deal to develop and administer the extended service contract program for In Car Experts (ICE), a buying group for mobile electronics specialists. Under the agreement, ICE has designated Warrantech as the exclusive service contract provider for all of ICE’s retail members. Founded in Swedesboro, N.J. in 2005, In Car Experts is a national buying group made up of independent mobile electronic retailers. ICE provides its members with best business practices, enhanced vendor programs, group marketing and real-time web-based communication. “We selected Warrantech because of the company’s record for on-time

ListenUp Signs With Warrantech
May 29, 2007

Denver-based retailer ListenUp singed a two-year agreement with Warrantech last week that will allow ListenUp to provide service contracts to their customers on A/V purchases. ListenUp will begin offering the contracts on June 1. Warrantech Consumer Products President Sean Hicks said, “With an established reputation of offering top-quality products and the finest customer service, providing Warrantech’s award winning warranty coverage was a sound business decision.” Walt Stinson, ListenUp cofounder, added, “When we decided to provide extended coverage for our customers, we chose the best coverage in the industry - Warrantech.”

Service Plan Squeeze
March 1, 2007

Two years ago, attaching a warranty to a flat panel television was a no brainer. You spend $10,000 on a television, there’s no way you’re going to walk out of the store without some protection. But what happens when the TV doesn’t cost 10 grand anymore? Now that you can walk out with a nice flat panel for less than $2,000, are you still going to spend more to get the extended warranty? If you ask those who offer extended service plans, the dropping prices doesn’t make a difference. “It really doesn’t affect it because the warranty is geared towards the retail price of the unit,”

Orville’s Signs With Warrantech
February 23, 2007

Lancaster, N.Y. based retailer Orville’s Home Appliances has signed a two-year contract with Warrantech Corporation offering service contracts to their customers starting February 1. The Marta Buying Group member houses two 11,000 sqaure foot showrooms, a 50,000 square foot warehouse and displays over 10,000 major home appliances. Warrantech Consumer Products President Sean Hicks said, “Orville’s has developed a loyal customer base over the years, and Warrantech’s preferred service contracts helps increase customer satisfaction by protecting product purchases in the event of breakage or failure. Plus, the incremental revenue generated through the sale of service contracts makes a significant contribution to