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Selling Up
April 1, 2002

How Ultimate Electronics nails the fundamentals of specialty retail while experimenting and expanding By Janet Pinkerton A customer comes into the store in response to an advertised promotional price. You show him or her the product they want, but then use the rest of your selection to show them what else they can have for a little more money. You make the experience easy and enjoyable. If they need cables and accessories, you show them the various options and explain why they need them. If they are afraid to install the product themselves, you offer to do it for them, for a fee, of

The Breaking Point
April 1, 2002

Retail Alternatives for Fixing Broken Products By Collin Keefe The multi-faceted retail repair chain is in the process of fixing itself. Today most service and repair companies are a conglomeration of independent servicers, loosely forming a network for parent servicers, like manufacturers and warranty or extended service contract administrators. Depending on the type of coverage, customers either take products back to the point of purchase or contact the unit's warranty administrator. Big box retailers oftentimes have their own service plans and facilities, but for smaller independent retailers a broken product gets handled by the manufacturer or an extended service plan administrator. But no matter

Movers & Shakers for January 14, 2002
January 14, 2002

The Clayton Effect: New Sirius Satellite CEOJoseph Clayton announced the arrival of some of his old Thomson/RCA compatriots: Guy Johnson was appointed EVP, Sales & Marketing, a newly created position. Stanley Kozlowski is now VP of Retail Marketing, Jeffrey Peace joins as VP of Western Retail Sales, Russ Fyke grabs hold as VP of Midwest Retail Sales. All are 20+ year veterans of the consumer electronics industry and have held positions with RCA, General Electric and Thomson multimedia. Tune in: Ron Baime was appointed to vice president of merchandising, audio, for the The Musicland Group. He replaces Dick Odette, who was with

E-Tailing Service With A Click
January 1, 2002

Selling Service Programs on the Web By Collin Keefe In spite of a yearlong succession of dot-coms bottoming out, online retail continues to thrive. Services have improved as the survivors of the wash-out continue to refine their operations, but one of the drawbacks that continues to vex most click and mortar retailers is the lost opportunity to sell an extended service contract. In the real world channel, sales associates, while they have the customer's undivided attention, usually take a few minutes out of the sales pitch to explain where the manufacturer's warranty stops and where any sort of extended service contract kicks in. Usually

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April 1, 2001

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Selling Extended Service Plans Online
April 1, 2001

Still Looking for AnswersBy Tatyana SinioukovAlthough retailers are slow to realize the benefits of selling extended service plans online and they haven't yet penned down the online marketing strategy for the ESPs that works, the Internet did make the sales of ESPs more customer-focused. And, despite the gloomy economic forecast, ESP providers predict an increase in online sales. So how has the Internet changed warranty sales and logistics for the consumer electronics market? "The Internet serves two purposes. One is e-commerce, another is to provide a wealth of information," said Kharl Mena, vice president of new business development, Warrantech. "Today, with more people

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March 1, 2001

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Best of 2000 at CES
February 1, 2001

LAS VEGAS—Dealerscope and E-Gear's Best of 2000 awards reception, held January 6, the opening night of the 2001 International CES, featured cold beer, good blues and an impressive awards roster. A multimedia presentation sponsored by Forbes Magazine honored five Dealerscope Hall of Fame inductees (including the first two retailers in the Hall of Fame's 10-year history), four retail Dealerscope Pride Awards and the innovative, designated winners of the Dealerscope Editors' Choice and E-Gear All-Star Awards. Tired feet and busy schedules notwithstanding, we had a blast. Eric Schwartz, vice president and group publisher of Dealerscope and sister consumer magazine E-Gear, chats with Tom DeVesto

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January 1, 2001

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