YouTube Music Now Available on Sonos
January 30, 2019 at 4:23 pm

YouTube Music is now available to play on all Sonos speakers with a premium subscription. Through the Sonos app, users can play official songs, albums, playlists, and artist radio in addition to remixes, live performances, covers, etc. exclusive to YouTube.

YouTube Experimenting with 60 FPS Video at 4K Resolution
March 27, 2015

We always want more pixels, videos just look so much better with more pixels. But what about smoother videos? Like 60 FPS smooth? Well YouTube already allows 60 FPS playback on the site, but not for all resolutions.

YouTube rumored to have paid tier in the works
March 16, 2015

Would you pay for YouTube? If a new report is accurate, you might soon have to think critically about that. Google is cited by sources as being interested in a video-on-demand (VOD) subscription model for YouTube.

Sharp Plans Presence at SXSW
March 12, 2015

Sharp Electronics has plans to hold events at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, starting this weekend.

CE Week, getgeeked to Feature Tech Influencer Program
March 6, 2015

 CE Week has teamed up with getgeeked event series to form a partnership to bring "passionate tech enthusiasts" to the CE Week event. The event is building upon efforts from last year and is meant to draw hundreds of influential people to the CE Week show floor. 

Vizio Goes Negative on Curved TV
December 23, 2014

Several major TV manufacturers introduced curved TVs in 2014. Vizio did not. Now, that company has introduced a new advertisement that mocks curved TV technology.