Verizon vs AT&T iPad 2 Plans: Which is Cheaper?
March 11, 2011

If you are getting the iPad 2, are you confused about what data plan is right for you? You're not alone. Trying to figure out how much you'll pay doesn't require a degree in advanced mathematics, but it could help. That's because there are a total of eight different AT&T and Verizon plans that you can choose from, each with a different set of data caps and overage charges. You'll probably save money with AT&T if you use a little data each month, and you'll save money with Verizon

Apple iPad 2 Review: It's the Tablet to Beat
March 10, 2011

Now that Android 3.0 tablets are finally hitting shelves and the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP TouchPad are getting ready for battle, the tablet war is finally heating up. But here comes the iPad 2, which is not only thinner and lighter than its predecessor but also adds a dual-core processor and dual cameras. So is Apple still one step ahead of the competition? , and gave it four out of five stars. What we like Ultra-thin design: The iPad 2 is the MacBook Air of tablets. Weighing 1.34 pounds and measuring 0.34 inches thick, the iPad 2 is 33

Can Samsung Save Google TV?
February 27, 2011

ARM may be the only way for GoogleTV to get a foothold in the living room. In November, Bloomberg issued a report saying that Samsung was going to be building GoogleTVs, likely with Intel chips. That didn't make sense to me.  Samsung was developing its own high power chips that are almost as fast as the standard Intel Atom processors that are inside GoogleTVs, except they are based on the ARM architecture and are extremely low power and cheap to make.  GoogleTV is based on Android and Samsung's ARM chips have had a great deal of success in Android devices.

YouTube Wants To Spend $100 Million To Stream Movies And Beat Netflix
February 25, 2011

YouTube wants to start a subscription service of streaming movies a la Netflix and Amazon 's new streaming service for Prime customers, the Post reports. They're planning to launch it first in the UK and Europe where there's less competition and they can test it, before rolling it out internationally. YouTube has been in talks with Hollywood executives over the plan for months, and plans to spend $100 million on content.