ZigBee to Set Battery-Free Green Standard
June 30, 2009

The ZigBee Alliance is developing a ZigBee Green Power standard for wireless technology products that uses environmental energy-harvesting methods, instead of batteries, for power. Energy-harvesting involves converting  environmental sources, such as light, vibration and ambient radio waves into electricity, though ZigBee's announcement did not specify which, if any, of these techniques would be employed.

Not So Remote
October 1, 2006

Eight in 10 remote controls are made in Greater China. Driven by the home entertainment and home automation sectors, the remote control industry in Greater China continues to post gains with export growth expected at 38 percent in 2006, or $138 million from $100 million in 2005, based on data gathered by Global Sources. The Greater China region, which covers mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, accounts for about 80 percent of the global production of remote controls. To date, there are about 120 remote control manufacturers in the region, a quarter of which were surveyed by Global Sources. Based on the data furnished