The Dealerscope CE Retail Confidence Index is a proprietary measure of retailer confidence in the consumer electronics industry. The index is derived by surveying the Dealerscope CE retailer panel on a monthly basis as to their confidence in reaching their sales goals in the upcoming month. The survey asks respondents to indicate their sales confidence across product types (e.g. TV vs. video game consoles etc), confidence in their ability to drive both digital and foot traffic, and more. The responses are then plugged into a proprietary scoring algorithm which weights each factor based on market significance and outputs an overall confidence score. The DS Index is sponsored by Petra.

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After setting a record low in February, consumer electronics retailers saw their confidence rebound slightly in our March DS Index report.

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DS Index: Q2 2018 Report
June 28, 2018 at 11:38 am

The second quarterly DS Index report of 2018 has a greater focus on visuals and using charts to explain the direction the CE retail industry is heading.