5th Avenue

As we reported earlier, Apple was due to open the doors to its revamped 5th Avenue store this morning, displaying the new iconic cube that now has just 15 panes, a reduction from 90. Apple had closed the store to customers - with it normally open 24/7 - so that it could prepare to show off its modifications to the public at 10AM New York time. The store's glass cube had been hidden from public view for the past few months as it has undergone the redesign, but the store has remained open.

At age 19, Martha Genao, like many of her Millennial-generation peers, is already a tech-xpert. Anything she doesn’t already know about gadgetry from her formative years as a connected kid, she can quickly find out using a Fujitsu tablet PC which is literally strapped to her left hand as she moves through the aisles of The City, the new concept store from Circuit City, on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. “Look,” she says, demonstrating the product search-and-compare function on the touchscreen, “I can show you which D-SLR is best for you, and which one we currently have in stock.” At The City, salespeople like

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