Conn's this week posted a third quarter profit of $11.8 million, compared with a $12.7 million loss the same time last year.

The Texas-based retailer reported a 12.6 percent increase in same-store sales over the prior quarter.

The last time I went to jury duty, the prosecuting attorney spent a good deal of time talking about one of Albuquerque's most famous lawsuits: the McDonald's hot coffee spill that resulted in a $640,000 award to the elderly woman who was burned.

That's an extreme example of a hot-coffee problem. Most of us just fry our tongues or desperately blow steam out of our mouths. The Smart Lid is looking to save us from our own eagerness.

The disposable Smart Lid changes colors when it's sitting on top of a hot

With the DTV transition- for the time being, anyway- less than a month away, 6.5 million homes in the U.S. are "completely unready" for the loss of analog signals. That represents just under 6 percent of households- less than in recent months, but millions of homes nonetheless.

In his more than 10 years of teaching architects and interior designers the basics of low-voltage technology, Josh Christian has learned some critical lessons: First, say “drapery,” never “drapes.”

Talking with Rob Kujath about football is like watching a kid scan a holiday toy catalog. His eyes light up and his grin turns infectious as he dreams up elaborate new schemes for having work, no less. “What’s that movie where Tom Hanks gets to design toys all day?” he asks, pausing for it to come to him. “‘Big’! I’m like Tom Hanks in ‘Big’! I get to try out new things and say, ‘THIS would be really cool.’ I go to the store and hang out on the weekends!” Kujath’s store is Baillio’s, a two-branch independent retail powerhouse in Albuquerque and

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