Anchorage, Alaska

Age: 39

Career History: For someone who has traveled as much as Lewis, it only makes sense that he’d open his own mobile electronics retail/install company.

Allen & Petersen Cooking & Appliance Center isn’t what it used to be. The full-service retailer in Anchorage, Alaska, has evolved from a traditional appliance store into a gourmet-cooking outpost where aspiring chefs can find everything from kitchen gadgets and gourmet foods to high-end appliances. They can also enroll in cooking classes at the center’s own culinary school. “We wanted to be more than just an appliance store,” said Leon Barbachano, CEO of A&P. “Basically, we say that we sell the best equipment to cook on, the best tools to cook with and the instruction to tie it all together. The Cooking School is

When looking for its next marketing vehicle, Kicker came across “Deadliest Catch,” a television show about Alaskan king crab fishing. Kicker tapped Safe & Sound mobile audio specialists in Anchorage, Alaska, to outfit the fishing boat with

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