Last night at Google I/O, Bluetooth scored a major victory for connected consumers when Google said it would support the Bluetooth Smart Ready platform natively in Android. This was functionality that iOS devices already have, and it should mean that Android users will get more functional apps to go with their Bluetooth-enabled devices.

As someone who spends a lot of time playing with connected home and personal devices this is fabulous news. I had started gathering research for a post about how as an Android user

Almost three years ago Dell launched a phone called the Streak, an Android-based handset with a 5-inch display that was marketed more as a tablet with phone capabilities than the other way around.

Critics blasted the device for being too large. Most smartphones at the time were still 3.5 to 4 inches, after all. That was the norm.

We didn't see many more mobile phones from Dell after its blunder with the Streak.

Now let's jump to the present.

Last Thursday, Samsung introduced its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S IV.

A European company called Ca-Fi has said they'll debut will debut an Android-based car infotainment system called Dashlinq in January 2013.

Dashlinq is a complete new head unit line and is said to blend the advantages of an Android based car infotainment system with the strength of high-end car stereo systems of the years past.

The Dashlinq line is Double-DIN sized universal system, but it comes with a large 6.95 inch multi-touch screen and enables zoom in maps and enlarges pictures and text only by spreading the fingers on the screen.

Apple Inc., set to release a new iPad tablet tomorrow, doesn't have an Android-based competitor with more than 5 percent of the market, Forrester Research Inc. said in a report published today.

Apple, based in Cupertino, California, controls 73 percent of the market, while Samsung Electronics Co., Sony Corp. and Toshiba Corp. are among companies making incremental improvements to tablets without bringing services that cut into the market share, Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst at Forrester, said in the report.

Android-based tablets have been priced in the same range as iPads with inconsistent branding

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