Griffin Technology, best known for mobile technology accessories, has just officially opened its fifth retail store in the U.S., right in time for the 2012 holiday season. Beginning in November, Griffin has opened locations for business in San Jose, Seattle, San Francisco, Nashville and Annapolis.

Annapolis-based Nexus EnergyHomes raised the first $200,000 of a $1.5 million dollar series A round, a new SEC filing revealed. The company designs, sells and builds pre-fab homes that are “net zero,” or zero energy homes (ZEHs). According to the U.S. Department of Energy ZEHs are “connected to the utility grid but can be designed and constructed to produce as much energy as they consume [or more] annually.” Nexus EnergyHomes also makes and sells green building materials, and offers software to optimize the installation of, and manage the use of equipment in a net zero energy home

Another Angle on Display's Future By Gary Arlen President, Arlen Communications "Contrast, Uniformity and Brightness" (call it the CUB criteria) is Ray Kwong's mantra as he explains the "ScramScreen," his company's vision for bringing the price of, let's say, a 52-inch flat display down to the $2,000 range. Moreover, prototype versions are barely seven-inches deep—further suggesting a breakthrough competitor to the LCD, DLP and plasma competitors now reaching the market. Predictably, Scram Technologies Inc., the Maryland company that Kwong heads, is juggling its engineering agenda with marketplace realities, like any tech-centric start-up. It has signed a licensing agreement with Samsung to manufacture the ScramScreen,

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