The Consumer Electronics Association's new Retailer Council will meet for a Retailers Great Ideas meeting August 3 at CEA's headquarters in Arlington, Va., CEA said.

Consumer Electronics Association is forecasting a $1 billion increase in overall sales of mobile electronics in 2012, but most of the growth is expected from factory-installed systems and not aftermarket equipment. The total aftermarket autosound sales to dealers is expected to grow 2 percent in 2011 and 2012 before slowing down to 1 percent in 2013, no growth in 2014 and a 1 percent drop-off in 2015, according to CEA’s latest figures. Revenues are forecast to dip 1 percent in 2011 to $1.3 billion and stay the same in 2012 before decreasing by 2 percent

Broadcasting is costing the country $14,444 a minute. So says the Consumer Electronics Association, one of the most aggressive supporters of the National Broadband Plan and a long-time frenemy of broadcasting. The lobby has set up a “Spectrum Crunch Clock,” similar to the National Debt Clock, which flashes an ever-increasing sum like a rogue gas pump.

Says the CEA: “The . . . Federal Communications Commission unveiled a bold plan to address the nation’s shortage of wireless broadband capability by repurposing unused broadcast spectrum, but intense lobbying by broadcast television stations has stalled progress on this vital program.”

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