Athens, Ga.

7 Elephants, the company behind such CE brands as Konaki, Konaki Digital, MD Sound and NT Power, announced this week that it has named new sales representatives for both the Southeastern U.S. and Southern California.

My brothers and I run the business,” says Chuck Lim, vice president of sales and marketing at Reborn Lifestyle in Garden Grove, Calif. Though Lim and his family have been living in the United States for more than 30 years, Reborn, an appliance and electronics retailer with a considerable Asian customer base, has been in business for a little under five. ”We’re 30 miles from downtown L.A.,” says Lim. “We have a rather big Asian community here. And we have our niche market, our ethnic market.” Lim says Reborn is like Circuit City for a lot of Asian immigrants. “We have 30,000 square

The line wraps around the block of South Main Street in East Los Angeles even before the store opens. Latino families wait together, many from Mexico, and South and Central America. Many of these customers are new to the United States, but they’ve already seen a Spanish-language flyer or have been told by a relative where they can go to buy a television, sofa or microwave from someone who speaks their language. That’s how they end up at Dearden’s, a six-floor, one-stop-shop for electronics, furniture, jewelry and travel. While Dearden’s has been in business since 1910, the L.A. chain has been attracting Hispanic customers

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