Auburn, Maine

Teachers saw 'remarkable' progress using iPads Young students in Auburn, Maine will be using cutting edge technology right from the start of their school experience: the district has bought 285 iPad 2s to use for each kindergartner and teacher in the classrooms. The program will begin as a pilot project in May with a full rollout at the beginning of the next school year in the fall. The committee that governs schools in the district voted to spend about $200,000 on the iPads, which also covers insurance, educational software aimed at the appropriate age level, training and other program

PAUL VARIBAULT (Auburn, Maine) There is a free lunch, America, and it’s cooked each week by the marketing manager at Agren Appliance Stores, Paul Varibault. Each Wednesday, Varibault turns the Viking display kitchen at Agren’s Auburn store into a working diner, offering customers a plate of his own specials, from mini-meatball subs to rueben chicken casserole complete with sauerkraut and swiss cheese. “Our customers are delighted,” says Varibault. “Often, they are trying to squeeze in an appliance purchase during their lunch hour, so this is nice for them.” The “customers lunch with us” tradition started close to three years ago, when a one-time cooking

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